[BUG] No implicit on LEGACY "Penetrating Arrow Quivers" in Standard


Since 3.0.0 release, all my "Penetrating Arrow Quivers" in Standard have no implicit :
no more "10% chance to pierce", and NO "Arrows Pierce an additional Target".

All my Rares and Uniques quivers (yeah drillneck ...) are affected and so, become useless in most cases (the cases that matters).

Can you add the new implicit or does it works even without it visible (hope so, else i'm fcking mad).

Thank you.

Last bumped on Aug 6, 2017, 8:35:22 PM
It seems to be just visual. If you check your character screen and equip the old drillneck you'll see 'number of targets to pierce with arrows' appear (or increase by 1 if you already have other sources of pierce)
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Thank you, you made my day.

I wonder what could happen if i corrupt a legacy pen quiver ?

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