(3.0) (HC viable) (Budget) PvA's "TrickyTrap" Firetrap Trickster MoM (life build) league starter

hi guys

so go easy on me this is my first ever build guide!(played since closed beta) i wanted to share a build i have tested extensively on the beta. its been great fun.

so the concept is pretty straight forward using a searing touch and the new tinkerskin armour utilizing the tricksters patient reaper regen and frenzy + power charge gains. (originally was using the new jewels choking ash)...so we dropped some dps and added multitrap because they arent adding choking ash into 3.0 just yet.

im not the best at builds from scratch but this sure is fun to play.

lets start with the pros and cons

+ great regen and MoM
+ good map clear speed
+ cheap to get going
+ 350k fully buffed single target with flame surge
+ dual curse
+ never run out of mana for traps
- cannot do all bosses (just a good starter build)
- some map mods may cause a problem ( less regen )
- not tested on atziri or shaper but would need good knowledge to survive those
- life pool not the best for HC but still viable

required uniques to make work

+ searing touch
+ tinkerskin
+ pyre
+ atziri's foible
+ 1-2 hair trigger jewels

helmet - Rare armour/ev life and res (fire trap burning damage enchant)
Gloves - Rare armour/ev life and res possibly life regen too
boots - Rare armour/ev life and res move speed and life regen
belt - Rare leather life and res armour and life regen

Flasks: - witchfire brew
- kiaras determination
- life with remove bleed
- life with remove curse
- quicksilver

jewels: - trap damage / life / burning damamge
- hair trigger possibly 2 of these i have taken one

Single target:
here we use flame surge because of its 50% MORE damage to enemys on burning ground. ive tried other single targets but this was by far the best. managed to get it to 350k fully buffed single traget. seems very reasonable.

the links are : Flame surge
conc effect
spell echo
fire pen
elemental focus
controlled destruction

movement skill will be: flame dash - faster casting - arcane surge (possibly lvl 10)- increased duration

now for the main links:

- Fire trap
- trap and mine damage
- multiple traps
- change to ignite
- burning damage
- swift affliction or ignite prolif (tested ignite prolif and its pretty good)

here is the paste bin for the path of building link


you guys can possibly have a look through and find things that could be better or changed im happy to hear your ideas.

see you in oriath exiles!


Last bumped on Aug 4, 2017, 12:52:54 PM
If only they had the fire trap trigger jewel ready. That would make builds like this way more viable.
yes it would but it does work fine without it just have to lose some dps tested it with and without on T5-9 maps and its not too much different

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