3.0 Shield Charge CoC DISCHARGE [HELP]

I've played this game off/on for a long time now, but I haven't taken a league seriously in a long time. I've only ever made one successful build completely by myself, so this league I wanted to try something I thought of completely on my own that I've never done so here I am for advice on my tree/build.

I've done a bit of research on this build to see if people have done it before, and apparently it was like great.. 6 or so months ago? But then CoC got nerfed and some people are saying its terrible now, which only encourages me even more.

I'm not looking to make a build that has INSANE CLEAR SPEEDS.. 500 BILLION DPS. Nothing like that. I just figured hey maybe I could charge a mob, and explode and just one shot a pack, sounds pretty fun. So heres my tree that I made in 15 minutes, I'll be revising it on my own but I'd like some advice if anyone has some.


A different take on the build, diverting towards the shadow side of the tree, grabbing more crit. Also picking up MoM and some mana nodes for some defense.

A few thoughts, Shadow/Assassin seems to be great (probably better? haven't looked into it too much) for this idea, but I've played shadow so many times so I'd like to make Templar work even though theres a lack of crit chance in the area. And about the crit chance, I honestly don't even know how much crit chance I need. I can get a decent amount from gear obviously, but generally when I see crit builds A LOT of their nodes are crit % or multiplier, and with templar there seems to be a lack of. So my question is this enough crit chance in the current tree for my build to work, or will I struggle a lot as a templar.

I also wasn't sure whether or not I should focus on increasing Discharges damage, Shield Charges damage or both. So I'd appreciate some advice on that.

Thanks for taking the time to read.
tl;dr - I know CoC Shield Charge+Discharge was good but now not good. Can it still work to an extent? I'd also like some help on my tree. Thanks.
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That sounds like a cool build.
I was into Shield Charge a few years ago, but I did it with burn. Don't really remember all the gems I used. It was never really very effective anyway, but tons of fun!

I made a short video on YouTube called "Life Of The Shield Charger", I cannot link to it as I am in China at the moment, but you can search for it if you're interested. It is not very good. It was a tough playstyle for me in Hardcore, bound for failure!

Considering trying something similar, perhaps your way, now in Fall of Oriath. But probably in softcore this time around.

Good luck!
Playing CoC Discharge right now and got say the dmg is still amazing
(not your build but my own as elementalist)
If you wanna play sc yours should be okay but you'll die to every reflect mob you'll encounter
-Things to consider:
-Costs are skyrockening as well
-your life% is way too low even for sc I mean c'mon you wanna play melee
-no vaal pact = insta dead by melee hits
-34dex on tree means you got to hit dex on EVERY jewelery making it harder to cap res b/c both suffix
-acc/crit note not desireable since you really want to use vagan dagger

I could go on but to me it seems you really haven't looked up too much about the art of CoC discharge

I'll post a guide on my build when I got some more levels in and killed more bosses than Atziri normal

Look out on withch forum :D

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