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[3.0] Budget-Reflect Immune-48% life regen-400k dps no flasks requires 2 handed Frost blades Slayer!

Hello Everyone here is my mini guide for a two handed frost blades slayer for 3.0. Why slayer? 43% leech per sec plus 5.4 life regen per sec makes for a very very comfortable character. (and that juicy cull) Tbh Raider will be faster and do more dmg but if you want a raider this is not your guide!

You use the kongor's undying rage maul for 100% chance to hit-onslaught-and the ability to proc ele overload combined with high life some big leech upgrades on tree and ascendancy for huge huge HUGE sustain. You have 100% cold conversion (who doesnt with frost blades these days) and over 70% reflect dmg reduction. We move around with leap slam and throw on those two frost blade jewels!

-high dps (over 400k without flasks)
-High hp (over 6.5k)
-huge regen (over 48% per second)
-immune to stun-freeze-chill-bleed-(ignite and poison will get "out regened")
-cheap and easy to play
-well over 70% reflect dmg reduction (sybils lament 40% reflect reduction+10% reflect reduction from tree+ 20% reflect reduction from pantheon+ 5% cold dmg reduction from pantheon +20% hit dmg reduction from fortify + 75% reduction from all res) Will it be enough to run reflect maps? maybe :P
-that amazing 20% cull

It is not a raider so it wont do as much dmg nor move as fast nor be able to get frenzies as easily on bosses
-two handed wep so the attack speed can be a bit slow to some peoples tastes. (Around 6 attacks per second)

Path of building pastebin

Tree for those without Path of Building

Chest: belly of the beast/rare
boots:kaoms roots/rare/atziri's step
helm:starkonjas/rare(with enfeeble effect enchant as it's super cheap!)
ring 1: sybils lament
ring 2: rare
wep: kongor's undying rage

taste of hate-atziris promise-lions roar-wise old oak-honestly any flask this build does not need any flasks tbh

Frost blades-faster attacks-melee phys-elemental focus-multi strike-ele dmg with attacks
remove faster attacks or melee phys on a 5 link. Melee phys can be swapped out for cold pen to increase the dmg of your projectiles as well but I don't think it is worth it as you get quite a bit less dmg. You will have higher dps with cold pen instead of faster attacks as well but faster attacks allows you to finish the multi strike animation faster so you can dodge/move faster

cast when dmg taken-increased duration-frost bomb-immortal call

blasphemy-enfeeble hatred-blood rage

leap slam-faster attacks-blood magic-fortify

ancestral warchief-conc effect-melee phys-elemental focus-wep ele dmg-phys to lightning

Map mods
no leech I guess can be done but....No one wants to do that...
if you kave kaoms roots you are immune to chilled ground freeze and temp chains so go for it!

Leap around and shoot out blades! Enjoy your huge sustain and immunity to most negative effects

This build can easily be swapped to an ice crash too by respeccing a few points! Ice crash will do approximately 30% more dmg but with much less range. Up to you guys!

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is this HC viable?
Hey man It seems to be a decent hardcore character with high life, regen and decent mitigation but I'll be honest I am not a huge hardcore player myself. If you were to play hardcore I would swap out herald of ash for blasphemy temp chains and swap out elemental focus for hypothermia. With the new chill changes you should be able to slow things a lot with temp chains and chill/freeze things for increased safety. (even on bosses)
I have a question regarding the gem setup, because PathofBuilding and written gem setup are different. Which setup is prefered and why?
So I have actually done some edits to the build which makes it a lot more tanky! I have now updated the PoB and the forum post thanks!
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i am playing this build now and i like it so far.

Hello guardians/shaper/uber atzir killer?
I have killed the guardians with this build but died to shaper on the third phase(it was my first try though so i think I might just suck) I have not tried to do uber just yet!
how do you get the 100 conversion to cold with this build, i am new to poe and i just found 80% so far...could you explain it please or somebody else?
could u add a section on how to level this build the best?

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