3.0 planned SSF mana cyclone

Since GGG has said that 3.0 will bring a fix to the movement pathing for cyclone, and my long love for spinster builds across games, i want to get back into cyclone for 3.0. I have heard that cyclone has an hard time doing the end-game content, so would like to try and make an end-game content cyclone build.

Here is the path of building pastbin link.

I went with mana based to try and remove the need for bloodmagic gems in my set-up, and i chose Champion for the perm fortify so i could use another gem instead, 2 gem links that could be replaced with better options.

I know the mana sustain in early levels would be very hard, so i would go bloodmagic until i can get my leech up.

While the link shows Atziri's Disfavour in the build, I'm trying to form an base build that doesn't require unique's, but can still use them, for the SSF runs.

Any Suggestions to improve its ability to stay alive and beat end-game content?
Last bumped on Jul 28, 2017, 7:00:27 PM
Mana wise def level up with the mana leech nodes cause cyclone does cost a lot. You wont notice it on a 2 link but once you get a 4 link around lvl 30-50 mana pots don't seem to be enough. So keep mana leech nodes for a while til maps. But later on when u craft jewels. I know you want life and damage but mana leech .26 on 2 jewels is very huge for self mana sustain cyclone and saving points respecing out of mana leech. Only advice I can give ya on that part. Good luck.

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