3.0 Concept Scion Cospri's-Discharge

As Vaal Pact - Energy Shield got nerfed and as you kinda need instant leech for speedfarming, one needs to go Life-based.
Previously budget coc-discharge was played as a trickster, but now trickster feels bad because you waste 4 ascendancy points as you are not ES/Hybrid.
So i came up with Scion Assassin-Pathfinder. The reason being assassin gives 1.5% flat crit and pathfinder giving me 30% damage, 10% chance to not use flask charges and 50% surgeon and path of the ranger.

The best bandit reward is probably 2 passive points as the rest are bad.

At level 90 one has 5 power, 4 endurance and 3 frenzy charges and with a few more levels and a +1 endurance charge belt 6,5,3.

As for the skilltree http://poeurl.com/bm58 (3.0 skilltree planner needed)
Complete Budget Gear besides Jewels(they are pretty good offensive-wise) https://pastebin.com/ViYQRgYj (import into path of building using import from pastebin)
Lvl 100-Skilltrees


Major God
Soul of Solaris
6% Physical Damage Reduction if there is only one nearby Enemy
10% chance to take 50% less Area Damage from Hits
5% reduced Elemental Damage taken if you haven't been Hit Recently
Take no Extra Damage from Critical Strikes if you have taken a Critical Strike Recently
50% chance to avoid Ailments from Critical Strikes
It's used to avoid bullshit death's as well as so diamond shrines dont insta reck you. Rest is negligible. You only need Lady Stormflay's upgrade tbh

Minor God
Soul of Yugul
20% reduced Reflected Damage taken
5% reduced Cold Damage taken if you've been Hit Recently
25% chance to Reflect Enemy Chills and Freezes
A bit of safety against reflect and reduced Cold damage taken. The upgrade is not necessary/useless.


Body Armour: Cyclone - Cast On Crit - ICS - Discharge - Power Charge on Crit - Life Leech
Gloves: Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - ICS - Fortify/Additional Accuracy
Boots/Helmet: Cwdt(lvl7) - Immortal Call(lvl9) - Summon Ice Golem - Purity of Fire/Lightning
Boots/Helmet: HoI - CoH - Poacher's Mark - Purity of Fire/Lightning
Weapon: Discharge - Inc Aoe(Swap to Conc for map bosses) - Controlled Destruction
Shield: Blood Rage - Vaal Haste - Inc Duration

Body Armour: Cyclone - Cast On Crit - ICS - Discharge - Firestorm - Life Leech
Gloves: Cwdt(lvl1) - Firestorm(lvl8) - Inc Duration - ICS
Boots/Helmet: Cwdt(lvl7) - Immortal Call(lvl9) - Summon Ice Golem - Warlord's Mark(lvl10)
Boots/Helmet: Purity of Ice, Fire, Lightning - Enlighten
Weapon: Discharge - Conc - Life Leech
Shield: Righteous Fire - Elemental Focus - Conc

Why Righteous Fire
It's pretty simple Righteous Fire gives you another 59% more Spell Damage and while using rise of the phoenix and a ruby flask you have 94% fire resistance so you only take 5.4% Degen. You will be able to outleech it.

Why Firestorm
Also pretty simple it's a spell that hits a lot of times and each time it crits voll's protector will give you a power charge. It also helps with leech in case you get stunned. Against most bosses 5 discharges per second will probably be enough so Firestorm will do better. The Firestorm in your cwdt setup is for pure charge generation, the firestorm in your body armour for Damage/Leech/Charge Gen.
The only problem Firestorm has, is that it has really bad clearspeed, so it would be a wasted link while speed farming. Fortunately PCoC and Firestorm are both Blue Gems.(If you have a voll's protector with 2green-2blue-1red-1white or more white sockets you can use faster attacks for mapping clearing

Why Pathfinder over Elementalist
As I'm a softcore pleb and because GGG said they were/are going to rework reflect, I don't feel like its necessary to get the 50% reduced reflected elemental Damage taken. The 6% Pen is nice but worse than the 30% increased damage pathfinder offers.
The Elemental Conflux is useless as 1.our vinktar shock's enemies 2. we crit with cold damage so we freeze and 3. ignite do almost 0 damage. Well and the second golem... It's nice to have a lightning golem but I can't find another gem to cut for it.

With budget gear one should reach around 5.7k life at lvl 90 as well as have 90/79/90 resistances while your ruby and vinktar flasks are up. https://pastebin.com/m4Pd4gPV (import into path of building using import from pastebin; jewels are none budget in terms of offensive stats)

Catalysed Eternal Life Flask; Vessel of Vinktar(Adds to Spells/Pen); Quicksilver; Diamond; Ruby
Shock, Bleed and Freeze Removal needed unless you have Death's Door. Then you only need Shock and Freeze Removal

In terms of upgrades a dying sun, death's door are Best in Slots.

Best in Slot
Dying Sun, Vessel of Vinktar(Pen), Cospri's Malice(14 AS),Voll's Protector, Voll's Devotion(Note: +1 frenzy corruption is almost useless as enemies are EE procced on cold), Essence of Horror Gloves, Death's Door, Intuitive Leap and maybe Inspired Learning

For single targets like guardians, you will need to change your setup to include a rise of the phoenix, a rf gem, firestorm instead of pcoc in your body armour and probably a life leech gem in your cospri's malice.

Note: This is my first thread so it may look unorganized and/or confusing. I'm trying to improve it.
If u have any suggestion, feel free to post a comment or pm me.
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Hey, I want to play a similar build in 3.0.
Where do u put Inspired Learning? You got only 3 Notables in the witch tree.
Do I need to look at the build in Path of Building to see the gear? Can you link it in the OP?
Hye ! looks like a nice build, someone tested it ?
Kwabena13 wrote:
Hye ! looks like a nice build, someone tested it ?

CoC discharge is completely dead after charges' nerfs amd bandits' rewards changes forget about this kinda builds
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Fitfirar wrote:
Kwabena13 wrote:
Hye ! looks like a nice build, someone tested it ?

CoC discharge is completely dead after charges' nerfs amd bandits' rewards changes forget about this kinda builds

lmao coc discharge dead....

COC/cospri's discharge is still viable don't listen to that BS, its still very via ble even on life build it might have lost 1 charge but they gained ARCANE SURGE+ NEW PALE COUNCIL BOOTS
A day w/o dealing with stupid ppl is like....Never mind. Ill tell u if it ever happens
fyi you inspired leaning doesn't work you have get dark arts
My two cents for this build:

https://pastebin.com/m0ZyZpfG for PoB planned with my current gear
https://pastebin.com/rQn77qUV planned tree with multimodded elreon's and accuracy on helm

Planned a pretty similar build with my own changes, currently level 87 and still testing things. Finished all maps up to T10 and Colonnade + Exca for shaper orbs with the build.

- Definetely not HC viable -- It's very safe once you get some gear going but since this ain't 8-10k ES faceroll has to be played with caution. Died once from 80-87 on Crypt boss oneshotting me. You should always try to dodge hart hitting boss abilites by whirling around him or dashing out (even though discharge makes that quite interesting) You can only get about 6k life and 400-600 ES at higher lvl and good gear
- Inspired learning indeed doesnt work at this spot, mine does but kinda inefficient (still went for it to boost general mapping speed and fun factor, maybe even trying to respec something later and get a second inspired learning on the left, if I feel safe farming shaped reds)
- Specced out of some pure damage nodes to get all the jewel slots early
- Kinda liking the Rotgut with blood rage, adds some interactive timing to get the most out of it (trying without bloodrage and instead icebite on herald for dmg heavy maps - grants about 600 ES at my current gear)
- Leech is pretty inconsistent before you get vinktars, after that you are pretty much invincible except high phys/chaos dmg
- Attack speed can feel bad at times since you pretty much should invest all jewels in multiplier and life
- Very passive point and gem slot hungry, feels very good after you equip cospris though (started with coc discharge at around lvl 50 just to rush through act maps)
- Since Cospris and multi jewels are dirt cheap this league actually very nice to play on budget (Cospris + 5l volls)
- 3.0 buffs to bosses make them slow and dangerous to kill without volls devotion and some multi jewels (compared to map clear)
- As always with discharge builds this one goes a long way with investing currency and gem/character levels
- Council Boots are a pretty decent addition and even with my current gear no res. problems (only cold not on ele weak cap with flasks active)
- Purity of Fire not really needed early on, probably going to spec into Charisma as I go (don't know if mana cost for cyclone will be fine with double purity reserved and no Elreon rings)

Probably forgot something but feel free to msg. me ingame if anyone is interested to try it out.

Still a lot of fun and far from dead but obviously issues to work around. Don't think it works as ES at all anymore, very low HP pool/Hybrid as Assa/Trickster, even mirrored gear can't do much without vaal pact.

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Nice, curious how this pans out. Been working on something similar myself: full lightning discharge with choir of the storm and inya boots. Benefit there being a few less points to spend, and a focus on lightning dmg / lightning pen / shock.

Very quick (incomplete) PoB: https://pastebin.com/X8V9RM3c

Anyone tried something like this?
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Maybe it will be better

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