[3.0] Sabo Poisonous Tremor (theory) (need feedback)

Hi guys, a few days ago I finally dared to start sharing my build ideas. This just happened to me today and is designed to start a league and be cheap.
Is inspired by a build I did some time ago but this time with mines.
In advance an apology for any spelling mistake, English is not my primary language and helped me a bit with a translator.

Let's begin.

build idea:
The main idea is to accumulate as much poison as possible via bladefall mines. And to exploit a bit the main mechanic decided to use four coated shrapnel and tremor rod.

Four coated shrapnel that will give us additional physical damage and 100% chance of causing poison. And why tremor rod?
Well, because this build is just great. Up to 60% spell damage, up to 60% mine laying speed and our mines can detonate once additional time, which means we would accumulate more poison.

So, we have passive poison as well as remote mine, that leaves us with up to 6 additional links available for our skill. But since it's a build to start the league, chances are you do not have enough currency so something reasonable would be 4 or 5 links.

skill gems/links

bladefall + minefield + vile toxins + brutality + add chaos (maybe mine damage for 6 links)
There are other interesting gems that could be used, such as: efficacy,controlled destruction, decay, rapid decay, void manipulation, lesser poison. But either because of the colors or because others are more powerful I decided not to use them. But until now the build is theoretical, so I need to do tests but it will be in two weeks since I'm not playing beta.

spell totem + detonate mines for some bosses.

auras: vulneravility or tempotal chains or both
clarity of course, mines cost a lot of mana

Pasive tree

This is the tree for level 86, the important statistics would be the following:

181% life.
194% phys dmg.
201% chaos dmg.
94% mine dmg.
94% laying (with 60% tremor) and an additional 20% if I have recently landed mines.
115% poison damage.


oak, oak, kill.


very cheap.
Good damage.

Tremor rod can be difficult to color.

Seeks evasion, life and resistance mainly.
A rustic sash can serve to boost the damage although there are some other unique ones that you can use, like the magnate or queen of the forest in body armour

And well, to finish I recorded a small video with a character in standard, lvl 70 without gear running tropical island. The damn monkey kills me at the end but hey, lvl 70 is a bit low to run that map. It is only to show them how the mines behave.
I am not running auras or curses and the links are:
Remote mine + bladefall + mine dmg + controlled destruction (Simulating 4 links).
So in the fall of oriath it should be much more powerful.



Last bumped on Jul 28, 2017, 8:07:56 AM
Have you tried this as Assassin instead of Sabo?
You lose some Qol but all else the Ascendancy could make up for it?
Brutality would be a silly idea, since it removes all the chaos and poison damage.
Is it engame viable ? (Not only for that easy map on your video)

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