[2.6] Another Static Strike Bleedsplosion Max Block Gladiator

This is my version of the max block gladiator that I've been slowly modifying through 2.6

I've done all guardians and atziri deathless.

I have 100% bleed so every monster explodes for 15% of their life because of Gratuitous Violence + Haemophilia. As a result, with The Surrender shield, the Reckoning applies bleeding and since it also has culling strike, it leads to my shield taking down entire packs without me.

Mapping feels pretty rewarding with every pack exploding pretty quickly (even up to t16). On t12-ish and below, I can shield charge into a pack and have it instant explode.

I cannot do shaper for the life of me (this may just be me because i suck at it).

Level 93:
6700 Life
101.5k Static strike damage (250k++ edps with auras, curse, frenzy charges) (this doesn't include the crazy stacks from Violent Retaliation)
Max block (75%)



CWDT + Blood Rage + Tempest Shield

Static Strike + Added Fire + Multistrike + Weapon Elemental

Movement: Shield Charge + Faster Attacks + Fortify + Blood Magic

Auras: Arctic Armour + Hatred + Herald of Ash + lvl 4 Enlighten

Culling Strike + Curse On Hit + Elemental Weakness


Alt gear:





Red Nightmare
3 others are life/axe/1h phys/res jewels

Remaining Goals:
Ditch Bringer of Rain while maintaining max block. Substitute in Perfect Form Armor + a good helm and swap boots to Aztiri Steps.
Then I'll have 46% spell dodge + max block for spells.

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I messed around and added these. Now i have 6100 life, 72% block and spell block, 30% spell dodge, 81% reduced phys dmg taken.

Since I can't get red sockets on perfect form, i've swapped to lightning strike which actually works perfect with my enchant on my helm.

According to PoB, each lightning strike does 90k and causes bleeding and i have 11 lightning projectiles.

I kept my red trail boots to generate frenzy charges against bosses. So far, 3/4 guardians down (but with 1 death each for being stupid each time)

new tree adds a few shield nodes instead of hp:

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