3.0 builds / PoB links / PSN theorycrafting + 1 bowman starter 5L

im sharing some builds ive made. (Proof of concept). some builds have charge generation / resists / survivability problems. They are not polished, pts can be saved in the skilltree, ...

Assassin Flicker PSN terminus est :
2M+ dps without flasks. i think lvl 88/budget can reach 1M+ Easily (Cospri's will required)

Assassin Binos VS
2M+ dps, but gear is a lil cheated ^_^ (essence + good stats)

Assassin blade vortex PSN (2M+)

do you think melee PSN with cospri is a good build ? if u ran away with flicker build (or VS one) DPS fall right ? Cospri/blasphemy / 2 herald + curse on hit / orb of storms + curse on hit ?

I like the Flicker one (Fcharges) and the binosVS (because he have voll protector for ez power charges)

Consumming dark PSN assassin. Can be used with fire skills / cold skills because he have cold to fire conversion.
In PoB, burning damage (check pyre rings) seems to increase DPS. im afraid it doesnt work like this in the beta.

Raider tornado shot MF/MS
100k dps with 5L+GMP. bisco's + windripper + Queen of the forest.
This is probably my starter for farming low level maps. (balance between MS/MF/Defences/DMG)

I hope they are viable, i missed something ?
Last bumped on Jul 16, 2017, 8:25:26 AM

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