[3.0] Work in progress - SSF 2handed WC totem

***This is a work in progress intended for 3.0 and is subject to change drastically as the beta continues.***

I thought it was really strange that there were no simple warchief totem builds in the marauder section. Having played mostly warchief totems lately and having played warchief the past couple of leagues as well as in the beta now I feel pretty confident writing up this guide.

About me: I've played ssf and found this to be very easy to play no matter how unlucky I get with gear. This build is tanky has decent damage and can lab pretty easily for ssf. This build is strong 1-28 because of cleave -> sunder and can go duel totems as early as 28 (I usually do).

Leveling Guide:

Points: 31

Grab cleave from Nessa and go whatever combo of 1 handed axes and/or swords you can find. Around level 8 start looking for a 2 handed axe/mace to put in your weapon swap to prepare for level 12 when you can swap to sunder. You'll use a 2 handed weapon from here on out. You can go mace or axe whatever has more damage. At 28 and after killing Gravicius you can swap to double warchief totem.

Points: 63

Next we path to duelist for life regen/movement speed and a little extra damage. Grab blood magic whenever you're tired of dealing with mana. (In 3.0 we go full phys damage with brutality and don't gain much from auras)

Points: 89

Points: 108

At this point all the big nodes are taken. We just fill in the tree with life and damage as you see fit. Oh also jewels. You can grab those earlier if you're lucky with rolling jewels. Usually I don't have that good of luck until I can dump tons of alterations in them so I don't grab the nodes till later.

level 86+
At this point you only have a handful of points left and you can go any route. You're not far from a few life clusters if you feel you need some more (likely you don't). You're also set up for really nice damage nodes (axe/mace clusters near Mara, path down to the 2handed cluster near Duelist, or even the berserking attack speed cluster near the scion life wheel)

Skill Links:
6L (Weapon): Warchief Totem + Faster Attacks + Melee Phys dmg + Brutality + Ruthless(5L) + Chance to bleed(6L)

4L For movement: Leap Slam + Faster Attacks + Fortify + Cull(quality is good on cull for even faster leaps)

4L Warcry/Shock: Enduring Cry + Rallying Cry + Increased Duration + Vaal Lightning Trap
Note: Vaal Lightning traps Shock effect is HUGE for any builds damage. Don't underestimate it!

4L Defense: CWDT (max level) + Immortal Call (max level) + Molten Shell (max level) + Increased duraton (max level)
Note: We max all of these out because we have tons of hp and it helps to keep your endurance charges up a little more often. Molten Shell doesn't do much for us (armor is pretty crappy) if anyone can think of a better alternative let me know. Maybe a golem.
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