[3.0] IDEA for Hierophant -> Extrem Budget -> Shaper Farming!

Hi boys and girls...

my idea is very simple:

1. 2x Totem (Later 4x) flameblast

2. Mind-over-Matter (-40% less DMG)

3. Rest Life

Extremly tanky... and very easy to gear up with 5Link and rest life... GG

I allrdy played in the beta with 6link tabula rasa until low maps without any gear and 1k life... works well.

What do you think about that guys?^^

Mein Twitch Kannel, schnuppert mal rein:
Last bumped on Jul 20, 2017, 9:33:09 AM
why not drop 1 totem and go ascendant with heirophant and either elementalist for conflux and 2x golems for utility or assassin and go crit as the heirophant side of the scion gives "50% chance to gain a powercharage on placing a totem"
Damage wont be the Problem, its the deffensive i think about...

My Idea for the build is very simple:

You only need:
lifegear + ressist and cast speed would be nice too.

And the rest comes from the Three.
Mein Twitch Kannel, schnuppert mal rein:
Hey I took some time to put your build into PoB with a normal "Pizza" build:


Not sure if 5,7k life will be enough for Shaper tho but worth a try.
RF Totems?

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