Need help to find a build for 3.0

Hey guys,

after starting my second character in the 2 Week Mayhem League I feel a little bit boring with finding a build for the new Harbringer Challange League in 3.0.

Thats why I wanted to ask you guys for some build ideas that you might have for me.

What am I searching: A fast clearspeed build, Life based, can focus on DoT's

When you are watching threw my characters some will realise that I prefer physical based characters. While the breach & legacy league I always ended up with my Slayers playing flicker strike with Kitava's Feast Void Axe for T1 - 15 Maps and for Guardians and Shaper I used Cyclone.

Now I came to the point that I am looking for a build, that keeps up in the clear speed of Flicker-Strike Slayer.

I hope you guys got me coverd with some nice builds. Have a nice weekend.


Last bumped on Jun 30, 2017, 2:32:32 AM

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