[2.6] Theorycraft. Witch Vampire mage

Hello guys. I'm kinda new to poe and I have an idea to build kinda vampire mage with Witch.

So far I'm thinking to base the build on these milestones:
- vaal pact keystone
- ghost reaver keystone
- chaos inoculation keystone

I have some questions:
1) is leecher mage a viable build in poe?
2) the primary damage source of this build is planned to be some kinda mix of curses and some heavy magic damage spell. Can you give me a piece of advise on the most efficient spell gems?

I also had an idea to take Scion as a base class with slayer + occultist ascendancy which creates another question:
3) does slayer's 10% overkill leeched as life transforms via vaal pact and ghost reaveer to shield? (if not, then i'd have to get rid of either reaver or slayer)

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Slayer and Vaal Pact don't mix.

What type of spells are you interested in using?
Fresh builds all day.
So i suppose there's no need to take scion as a base class. I wanted to be less creative and to go like a standard vampire/necro-themed build.
I suppose I'd take some curses as debuff, aplifier and dot (dunno exactly which ones as I know little about them), denotate dead as a nuke dmg and some other skills (mb auras) to increase life leeching and sustain.

Summarizing, here are the spell I currently wish to use:
- poachers and warlords mark curses (for life leech and life per hit)
- flammability or frostbite curse, depending on the main dmg element (haven't chosen one yet)
- detonate dead

I'd like to know what else can I use to sinergize with all this leechy theme. Thank you)

I also might consider some melee claws attack as a primary (secondary) source of damage
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