[2.6] Detonate Spectres - Necromancer

The basic idea behind this build is to summon spectres and blow them up with a combination of Minion Instability, Umbilicus Immortalis and Coruscating Elixirs. It's a cheap, fun, satisfying, hits like a truck, and is delightfully non-meta. It can do any map mods except No Regen.

Thanks to a thread by sagiterious that contains some of the same basic mechanical ideas, albeit with zombies, CI, and some other changes. It's located here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1791875

Damage Mechanics
Umbilicus Immortalis

synergizes with Coruscating Elixirs

to reduce the life of all summoned minions to 1 when the flask is used. The Minion Instability keystone triggers minions to explode when reduced to low life, dealing area fire damage equal to 33% of that minion’s maximum life. The Beacon of Corruption Ascendancy triggers a poison cloud on minion death, dealing area chaos damage equal to 10% of that minion’s maximum life per second.

- Base monster life is not a constant, but scales with zone level and monster type. This doesn’t matter, though. The build is unique in that there is no numerical base damage at all beyond base monster life – if monster life were doubled or halved, it would make no difference in the effectiveness of the build. It also makes no difference if you’re solo or in a 6 person party.

- Both the initial fire explosion and the poison cloud are based entirely on the minion’s maximum life, and damage is scaled exclusively through passives and gems that increase minion life and minion damage. Here’s the damage formula, using a base minion life of 100:

(1+ % increased minion life/100) *100 (our base minion life value) = Minion Life

[Minion Life * .33 * (1 + % increased minion damage/100)] * (1 + % more minion damage/100) = Area Fire Damage

[Minion Life * .1 * (1 + % increased minion damage/100)] * (1 + % more minion damage/100) = Area Poison Cloud Damage/second

The calculations for my build is:

Minion Life = (1 + 232%/100) * 100 = 332
Area Fire Damage = [332 * .33 * (1 + 319%/100)] * (1 + 49%/100) = 684
Poison Cloud Damage/sec = [332 * .1 * (1 + 319%/100)] * (1 + 49%/100) = 207

This build does initial burst damage of about 6.8x the minion's original life (per minion) and we'll be raising two spectres at a time, so the actual burst damage is about 13.7x the minion's original life. The explosion leaves a poison degen cloud that does about 2x the minion's original life per second in chaos damage.

This is more than enough to blow up packs and cut down red map bosses in a few seconds.

Defense Mechanics
- The build must counteract the considerable downside of Umbilicus Immortalis. Several items work in concert to replace the ability to use flasks.

- Since flasks cannot be used for healing and players do not leech or hit, life must be regenerated. The build regenerates 11.4% of maximum life per second, or about 675 life/sec. The addition of a stone golem allows this regeneration rate to approach 800.

- Since there is no way to remove bleed, Bloodgrip is used to remove the additional damage taken when moving while affected by bleed. Bloodgrip is corrupted for %additional minion damage.

- Since there is no way to remove freeze, Dream Fragments is used for freeze immunity. It also has extremely useful base mana and mana regen stats.

- Stun can be a problem since it interferes with the casting of both Desecrate and Raise Spectre. Being life based, as opposed to CI, is also beneficial in reducing the duration of stuns. Two convenient stun avoidance nodes are taken in the witch tree. The notable Practical Application also helps with dexterity, which can be a problem for the build.

- Mind Over Matter is used, along with convenient increases to base mana % mana, and mana regen, to mitigate 30% of all burst damage taken. Large hits reduce the effectiveness of MoM, since the unreserved mana pool of the character is about 1400.

- Clarity is used to increase mana regen. Due to the high mana pool, this aura has basically no cost. Mana regen is about 200/second.

- Blasphemy + Enfeeble is used to mitigate burst damage taken by close-range enemies.

- Life will be approximately 6k, unreserved mana around 1400. This gives an effective life pool of about 7.4k, with additional mitigation in the form of enfeeble and a small amount of ES. The build is tanky enough to survive a leap slam from the Gorge boss.

- Normal - Oak
- Cruel - Kill
- Merc - Kill

Skill Tree - Level 91

My Gear

Gear Recommendations and Prices
- Required: Umbilicus Immortalis (1 alch), Bloodgrip (1 chaos), Dream Fragments (1 alch)

- Recommended: Bone Helmet with +% Minion Life roll and decent Life roll (1-5 chaos), 6L ES chest (30-40 chaos), prophecy wand with additional cast speed and +1 to gems, plus any resists or open suffixes you can get (1-5 chaos).

- Other: Life + Resists on Gloves, Shield, Ring. Life + Resists + Movement Speed on Boots. Flat mana is good, Dex is good.

- Flasks – 4x Coruscating Elixir (4x4 chaos), 1x Overflowing Chalice (1 alch)

- (BBBBBB) Raise Spectre + Minion Life + Minion Damage + Spell Echo + Increased AOE + Faster Casting

- (BBG) Desecrate + Fast Cast + Clarity – Put this in a +1 or better prophecy wand

- (BBR) Lightning Warp + Faster Casting + Reduced Duration

- (BBR) Stone Golem + Minion Life + Minion Damage

- (GRRR) CWDT + Phase Run + Immortal Call + Increased Duration

- (BB) Blasphemy + Enfeeble

- (G) Consecration can go anywhere

- There are openings for other gems as well – Stone Golem doesn’t really require support and Blasphemy + Enfeeble has two slots open.

How to Play It
- Target mobs with Desecrate and quickly cast Raise Spectre. The mob will attack the spectres. Pop a Coruscating Elixir and the mob will explode. It looks a lot like Detonate Dead, but the damage scaling is much better. Since popping a flask is instantaneous, it’s not particularly slow, despite being a 3-step process. If there are leftover monsters, cast Raise Spectre again and pop another flask to blow them up as well.

- You can also raise spectres in advance, run/LW into a mob, then quick-cast Consecration and pop a flask. Given the slow recharge on Consecration, you can’t do this often.

- You can run mobs through the chaos cloud and they will die as if you’re playing Caustic Arrow.

- For emergency flask charge recovery, I run an Overflowing Chalice. As long as you cycle through the Coruscating Elixirs, you shouldn’t run low on charges often. It’s rarely an issue against bosses that don’t spawn ads, so saving a portal just in case you run out is a good safety measure.

- CWDT + Phase Run acts a lot like a quicksilver that auto-activates when you get hit, which is nice.

- Effective Boss life is based on the types of monsters in an area. If you run a zone with bulls, bears, golems, statues, etc. you can sometimes one-shot the boss.

- The “feel” is a little like fire traps or instant flameblast, with a chaos degen cloud that is as strong as Caustic Arrow.

Downsides & Hazards
- Monsters that proc degen can be scary – Lair Rigwald is rippy, for instance
- Fast moving monsters can be hard to target
- No Regen maps are unrunnable
- Reduced Regen maps are a little slow

(Monster Life, Ele Reflect, Poison on Hit, Beyond, Accuracy/Dodge)
(Bloodlines, Perandus, Ambush)

(Burning Ground, Magic/Bloodline Monsters, Chain, Accuracy/Dodge)
(Anarchy, Prophecy, Bloodline)

(Magic/Bloodline Monsters, Vulnerability, Avoid Elemental Status Effects, Double Boss)
(Bloodline, Anarchy, Talisman)
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WOW, just awesome
but i think build is not comfortable enough for regular mapping
but good boss killer
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