2.6 Raider Varunastra Wildstrike

Looking for some help with a Raider Varunastra Wildstrike build. Would be going Avatar of the Slaughter and Avatar of the Veil

Main gem setup would be;
Faster Attacks
Increased Crit Strikes
Added Lightning

This is the current tree that I have planned.
Passive skill tree build

Any pointers is appreciated.
Last bumped on Mar 10, 2017, 11:11:42 PM
since no one replied to you I would suggest instead of the three nodes by duelist start that give 4% life and 6% evasion, you should take the nodes between ranger/shadow that give 4% life and 8% evasion, they are better nodes.

and to take it even further what about By The Blade? Granted its far away but its very good damage nodes for Varunastra build and you can get a lot of life and even some damage along the way. something like this:


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