[2.6 Theory craft build] Avatar of fire burning arrow

Hey everyone i'm planning a 2.6 burning arrow build around the new Sudden ignition jewel

I have a few questions. Would it even be worth using Avatar of fire? and making say a +3 skill gem bow to use? or would it be more effective taking the phys dmg/crit route and skip the 100% conversion altogether?
Last bumped on Feb 21, 2017, 4:57:05 AM
If u wana build around the sudden ignition jewel u first need jewel slot around dexterity passives. U need to have 40 dexterity (dont have to be allocated) in medium radius in order for the jewel to work.

100% conversion is mandatory as well for decent ignites. But avatar of fire isnt the only way. For example u can use Xoph's Nurture bow or signal fire quiver.

Your passive tree is all over the place. U dont need area damage/radius for burning arrow. Focus on fire/projectile/elemental damage and get elemental overload.

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