[2.5] Critical Flameblast CWC Firestorm + Double curse ALL CONTENT

Burn, world. Buuuurn.
I didn't like to stand stupidly when I was channeling my Flameblast, and letting all mobs beating my ass while I was doing it... Then I found out that Flameblast IS a channeled skill.

Run to a pack, use your sulphur flask to get more damage and cast speed, channel flameblast, watch firestorm melt everything, release flameblast. Run to the next pack, use Vaal RF if you have enough souls. Repeat.

Use orb of storms close to packs from time to time to get charges, and to activate culling strike on bosses.

While doing this, you will activate herald of thunder + curse on hit, which will give you more life leech and mana leech with warlord's mark.

Plus, if you get hit, 2 curses will apply on mobs, for more clear speed and power charge.

Coming soon! At the moment, facetank deathless Xoph, facetank Uber Izaro...

Coming soon! 10.6K ES at the moment, still planning to go much higher.

- High ES
- Ignore elemental resistances
- Facetank nearly everything (Atziri, Uber Izaro, double Dominus, Breach lords)
- High damage and life leech
- Good clear speed
- Really fun to play!

- elemental reflect. Just reroll it.
- hexproof and/or cannot leech life or mana. You can definitely do it, but it takes more time. I would just reroll it to save time
- Still need to bring a mana flask at the moment, but planning to get rid of it when I have the right enchantment on my boots.


Righteous Providence > Inevitable Judgement > Sanctify > Pious Path

Gem setup

Chest : your flameblast setup.

6 links is NOT mandatory. I run Item rarity at the moment against all bosses on my 6th gem... So 5 links will be way enough.
4 links : Flameblast + CWC + Firestorm + Life Leech
5 links : Flameblast + CWC + Firestorm + Life Leech + Empower
6 links : Depending on the situation, I add Increased Area of Effect or Concentrated effect. I facetanked Xoph with Item rarity though!

Gloves : your Vaal RF setup, for better clear speed, and lots of fun! You can also replace it with vaal flameblast, vaal ice nova... But Vaal RF CANNOT be reflected! Which makes life so much easier.

Vaal Righteous Fire + Life Leech + Increased Area of Effect + Elemental focus
You need to have this setup on the gloves, to make sure that your labyrinth's enchantment will benefit from these support gems.


Cast when damage taken + Immortal call + Warlord's Mark + Assassin's mark
Keep everything lvl 2 or 3 max! This setup needs to proc as often as possible.


Herald of thunder + curse on hit + Warlord's Mark + Discipline

Weapon and Shield

Lightning warp + Less Duration + Faster Cast Speed
Keep Less duration on a low level. You will not have enough strength.

Orb of Storms + Power Charge on Critical + Culling Strike for bosses, or either increased area of effect or increased critical strike chance. Your choice, both are really good.

Passive tree


Kill - cast speed - power charge


Since we have no armour, no immunity, our flasks will handle that for us. All of them need to be surgeon's flasks, to get charges often.

For physical defense and bleeding

To activate Pious path, and get 25 increased cast speed. I will change it though, to add another bleeding immunity, or curse immunity.

I like to move fast! I don't think I would ever play without a quicksilver. Again, with some immunity on it.

For more life leech. But this one is definitely NOT mandatory... And I'm still looking for better at the moment. I'm open to suggestions!

One mana flask. Meh. Still trying to get rid of it, it will be possible when I get the leech enchantment on my boots.


Chest: High ES. Resistances on the chest are expensive, therefore a luxury.
Weapon: get a Kriss with 180 increased critical strike chance, if you have spell damage and critical multiplier it's perfect.
Shield: High critical strike chance, then ES.
Boots: Movement speed is important! Then high ES and resistances.
Gloves: High ES and resistances.
Amulet: Eye of chayula. no discussion there. You could go for skyforth, but then you can still be stunned... Just keep eye of chayula. It's perfect.
Rings: Breach rings are perfect! Get some cast speed on both, 7% minimum on each. You will have 28% increased cast speed in breaches thanks to them. Then ES, and resistances.
Belt: a crystal belt as soon as possible. High ES, if possible a tiny bit of armour, and resistances.

Current gear

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I was thinking of starting the legacy league with duo flameblast totem but stunbling into this thread I'm concidering running this instead . Just one question: did you level as life and switch to CI around 70 or did you go for CI as soon as possible? The fb totem guide has a good life based leveling tree so I was thinking of following that until switching to CI if it is not advisable to switch earlier.
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Is AoE good or bad for this build? I heard increased area was bad for Firestorm

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