2.5 Raider Oro's Flicker Strike 14 APS

Hi everyone,

I figured I'd share a build I've been playing with since 2.4 on my level 90 Raider.

It doesn't have alot of life, but has Insane Dodge and Evasion. 60% Dodge and Evasion without Pots. 85% Evasion with a Pot.

I idea is Emberwake and The Taming work together. Bosses melt pretty good. with a 100% ignite chance during flasks. Can have up too 56ish burns stacked on a target. So in theory 560% increased damage. It's not More damage, cause if it was bosses would fall over dead in 3 seconds.




If there is interest in this build I'll do a more thorough guide.
Last bumped on Feb 10, 2017, 9:22:06 PM
Trying out this build because It looks hilarious jumping around the map, do you kill all bandits each time? Also do you have any tips of what to put skills in first?
How is this build at all viable? There is almost no offensive nodes picked.

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