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THIS IS NOT A BEGINNER FRIENDLY BUILD! Let's get that out of the way.

I can't build this because I'm being lazy and don't have the currency on Breach league but I'll write it down if someone gives it a try on Standard or Breach. This is cost inefficient when compared to life version of this build but I think it's a cool concept. Current cost of the build on Breach SC is around 35-40 exa.


Level 91 Tree Force Shaper should be better than Atrophy.
What I'd aim for before switching to low life. Level 68
Bandits: Kill, Kraityn, Kill


Disc+BM, Grace+Determination
Can go Grace on an Essence Worm and open Arctic Armour on top for extra layer of defense. I'd rather have a rare ring but w/e suits your way.


Shavronne's Wrappings
Eye/Presence of Chayula
The Vertex
Eva/Es Hybrid Shield, sth like:

Just Eva/Armour + Es Hybrid rares
Jewel: 1 Energy From Within, 4 Jewels with es% and at least 1 damage mod that will double dip(e.g. area damage).
Flasks: Witchfire Brew, Vinktar's, Jade rest is preference.


6L: Blade Flurry/Cyclone + Poison + Void Manipulation + Inc. Aoe/Conc Effect + Added Chaos Damage + Faster Attacks
4L: Wither + Spell Totem + Faster Casting + Inc. Duration
4L: Blood Magic + Discipline + Vaal Discipline + Vaal Haste
4L: CWDT + IC + Summon Flame Golem + Vaal Lightning Trap
3L: Whirling Blades + Faster Attacks + Culling Strike
3L: Grace + Determination + Enlighten

Till level 78(Perseverance Vanguard Belt) and Enlighten 4 use Arctic Armour instead of Determination. Or Blasphemy + Vulnerability if you don't have Witchfire Brew. If you have Witchfire Brew, we have plenty of resistances, you can grab a Doedre ring and put another curse. Temporal Chains, Enfeeble or Poacher's Mark.

*: Can use Stone, Chaos or Lightning Golem too.

GGGGBB Shav's may seem intimidating but it's average cost is 713.4 chromatics using 3G from Vorici

Some Stats using mediocre stuff to fill, not perfect things:

~8k-9k Energy Shield w/ Discipline. About ~13k w/ +100 int on gear, 20% es crafts on ring etc. Again we are not CI 10-13k es is fucking amazing for lowlife.
~50k Evasion w/ Grace, 60k w/ Stibnite, 90k w/ Jade. If there's 100% evasion suffix 105k.
~35k Armour w/ Determination + Granite Flask 45k if you take 30% Flask Effectiveness

With flasks up, 150% attack damage comes from Armour, 230% attack damage comes from Dreamfeather.
81% attack speed, 201% chaos dmg, 12% attack dmg, 30% area dmg, 47% dot, 212% phys dmg, 35% champion buff from tree. Vinktar's + ~90% dot from witchfire, 21 Vulnerability.

Perma Onslaught + Fortify.

Hope one of you give it a try, thanks.

Edit: Oh, fuck it! I'm leveling this next time I login.

Work In Progress


Grab any leveling unique and Lacerate, Cleave, Double Strike your way to level 18.
Switch to Essence Drain.
You need Essence Drain, Void Manipulation, Wither, Contagion, Faster Casting x2, Spell Totem, Controlled Destruction.
Use 2 Lifesprigs and a Perandus Blazon to help with stats.
3L: Essence Drain + Void Manipulation + Controlled Destruction
3L: Wither + Spell Totem + Faster Casting
2L Contagion + Faster Casting
Level 20
You can grab the first jewel next to Duelist and put Clear Mind.
At Level 24, get Vulnerability from Clarissa.
~Level 35
We get access to some cool support gems, Rapid Decay, Added Chaos Damage and Slower Projectiles. You can switch to Tabula if you have Empower or a +1 Tabula. Just check your tooltip and mana cost when changing, Lifesprig can still outperform a 4 link.

Torment Shop : http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1121704
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How goes leveling the build?
Ictherion wrote:
How goes leveling the build?

Too early to say anything, just started half an hour ago.
I was thinking of leveling with Essence Drain and getting Projectile Nodes but I'll stick with melee till it falls off.

I'll make a guide as I level.
Torment Shop : http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1121704
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I made it to Cruel deathless with this tree. You should grab the life nodes instead of the resist nodes below Scion, I took those before I decided to go with Essence Drain.

Don't have any issues so far, we'll see how this goes :)

I'm not trying hard not to die, I don't use any logout scripts/macros. I just play along but I take things a bit slow. I'm testing if this is HC viable as I think there will be questions like that.

Will switch to Tabula around level 40-45. A tree like this.
Essence Drain + Added Chaos Damage + Controlled Destruction + Void Manipulation + Slower Projectiles + Rapid Decay.
Torment Shop : http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1121704
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I made it to Merciless with 2 deaths. This tree.

1st death was a freeze Strongbox with Exile + 3 rares. Thena Moga cast Vulnerability on me and 2 packs of chaos snakes ended me :D I'm so used to leveling with a Wanderlust, I didn't carry any anti-freeze pot at the time. I had forgotten about the instant health flasks that I've had equipped a bit earlier. I just gave up after reading the mods and seeing the view :D Could have probably lived if I used my instant health flask.

2nd death.. I got instagibbed I truly don't know what happened I was running away from a stubborn Powerful Crits, Extra Life and Life Regen, Allies regen life rare pack on Kaom's Dream(I was underleveled), ended up next to a totem with Allies deal substantially extra physical damage, I was full health and saw immortal call pop up but I was already dead :D
Torment Shop : http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1121704
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Level 79 Update

Finished Uber Lab and equipped Perseverance. Perma Onslaught & Fortify feels amazing :)




I currently have:
6.8k Energy Shield,
28k Armour,
82k Evasion.

I'll drop Sin's Rebirth and replace it with Witchfire Brew.
I'll drop Blasphemy + Vulnerability, buy an Enlighten and switch to Determination. We'll have about 40k armour.

The dps has been great for mapping and boss killing but Uber lab was a bit hard without the belt and damage from fortify nodes. I forgot to use fortify for the run :)
I'll focus more on damage nodes from now on, will rush Force Shaper asap.

I'll probably switch to Vinktar's after level 90, Vaal Lightning Trap is better suited for the content I'm doing now. I'll start using anti-freeze pot as I progress to yellow maps.

Last aim: Buying a Presence of Chayula :)

Torment Shop : http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1121704
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Curious what happened with the build. I just came across this thread and thought the build sounded very interesting. I looked in your characters and it appears you got to 81 then stripped the character. Was the build not working or did you just get bored with it?
Just followed this build in Breach, i'm level 88 and it is working fine, but you need to invest in GG items in order to make it work properly. The leveling was also painful with chaos spell skills.
My build is not finalized, i need to change several items but it does the job and mapping is ok, only problem is spell damage i take and my leech is very bad without Vinktar. The dps is not very high also, you will need to invest in very expensive items to make massive dps. However the build is very tanky regarding mobs who deal attacks and physical damage, i take most of the time no damage thanks to insane evasion and armour.

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