[2.5 Breach Theorycraft] Magma Orb! New Wand! (Shade of Solaris)

I love dreaming up new builds based on the new items. The one from the new news post:


that caught my eye was Shade of Solaris. It gives:

implicit (20% increased spell damage)
Gain 20% of elemental damage as extra chaos damage
Critical strikes deal no damage
120% increased spell damage if you've dealt a critical strike recently

Of course I want to double up on those, because that's what blasting your enemies with fire is all about. The chaos damage, combined with infernal mantle and the Paragon of Calamity Ascendancy talent should be a nice counter to reflect mobs (and perhaps even the map mod - could use advice here as I've never used Paragon before, but this seems like it would make reflect maps do-able).

This might be a good candidate for an ES build, but I'll be making it hybrid life/ES for personal reasons - I want to try out Mind over Matter and the Clear Mind unique jewel. I'm sure the build would be better as pure ES. Anyway, who cares about defenses, here's the math per cast:

Magma Orb (lv 21 from Infernal Mantle) - Spell Echo - Elemental Focus - Controlled Destruction - Faster Projectiles - Lesser Multiple Projectiles (could swap for Slower Projectiles for some bosses)

883 average base damage per orb
just north of 1000% increased damage from tree, 2x Shade of Solaris wand (with proc)
x0.9 Spell Echo
x1.5 Elemental Focus
x1.44 Controlled Destruction
x1.4 Elemental Overload
x0.84 Lesser Multiple Projectiles

For a base hit of a little over 20,000 damage.
After conversion from Infernal Mantle + 40% extra chaos from wands, the Magma Orbs should be hitting for 17k fire + 11k chaos damage per orb.

Base cast time for Magma Orb is 0.7. 41% Cast Speed from tree + any amount on a ring or amulet + Spell Echo gives you 4 orbs per second for 112k dps. (and 57 mana per cast)

Base crit chance is 5%. +100% from infernal mantle, +50% from tree, -100% from Controlled Destruction gives 7.5% chance to crit. This should be enough to keep the wand proc up pretty much all the time. Subtracting out the loss of damage from your Crits dealing NO DAMAGE (because of the wands), you still get a DPS of 103k.

How good is 103k? I guess that's in the eye of the beholder. The AoE should be supreme (did I mention Magma Orb chains twice?). The build should make a joke of most map mods including blood magic (I'm not reserving any mana), no regen (swap a mana leech in for Faster Proj), reflect (I hope), fire resist (we're 40% chaos damage fam), and monsters take reduced critical damage (joke's on them).

The wand is level 28, so supply should be plentiful. Most other people in PoE seem to be in love with critical strikes, so I doubt this wand will be in high demand. Infernal Mantle is usually quite cheap after the first week, and this build should play quite well as a first character with a 5L in the new Breach League as it can do most if not all map mods.

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