Three years ago, on October 23, 2013, Path of Exile left Beta and was formally released. Since then, we've launched five expansions, fourteen challenge leagues and countless smaller updates. Path of Exile has been translated into Brazilian Portuguese, Thai, Russian, and both Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Over those years, Grinding Gear Games has quadrupled from 22 staff members to 88. The purpose of today's news post is to briefly thank everyone who has made Path of Exile the game it is today.

I want to thank our development team. They pour their souls into crafting the World of Wraeclast, and deserve to be proud of their work. It's inspiring to work alongside such talented people.

I want to thank our customer support department. They're the unsung heroes of Path of Exile's operations, dealing with hundreds of thousands of queries per year and making sure that customers are happy.

I want to thank our server administration team. Their efforts ensure that everything runs smoothly, despite the fact that most problems conspire to happen during the night.

I want to thank our community team and translators. The quality of news and video content has increased massively over the last few years as we scaled the team up. They now provide daily news in three languages. It's rare that I even need to write a post myself these days, which is why this one is a bit gushy.

I want to thank our publisher partners, Steam, Garena and Tencent. They help bring Path of Exile to an audience that we would never be able to reach by ourselves. There are external teams that work very hard on creating news and special events for countries that aren't covered by our GGG servers.

I want to thank our friends in the media who help cover Path of Exile when we announce new updates.

I want to thank our community. You've built a really supportive community who are helpful to new players and able to create really detailed constructive feedback. It's great to see so much passion and enthusiasm for Path of Exile.

I want to thank our supporters. Both big and small, your contributions help keep the servers on and the content rolling. Your support is appreciated by not only the development team but also the rest of the community who can also enjoy the new content.

I want to thank our community members who create content for others to enjoy. From streamers to YouTubers to cosplayers and artists, your work is amazing and entertains both the community and development team.

And I want to thank you, as a player of Path of Exile. Thank you for enjoying the game and making these three years such a fulfilling experience for our team. We're really looking forward to announcing the upcoming content that we've been working on.

Our three year release anniversary isn't the only big milestone coming up. Next month, we're celebrating Grinding Gear Games' ten year anniversary. Planning is already underway for the "Ten Years of Gears" party at our office. We'll save you some cake.
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also #ThantsChris and GGG for awsome game it has been a crazy ride :). Hoping for many more years to come

edit 2: also shoutout to Bex,Sarah,Nichelle, Brian and many more for best cusotmer support team ever.

edit 3: hey Chris 11 chalanges :D i think u need few more to get the mtx reward ;p


hey GGG any info on :

trade improvments ?
channel skills ?
mtx system revamp ?
fix for how armor works against physical projectiles ?
when patch 2.4.2 hits the live server ?
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Your very welcome :)
Thank you for your service.
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Most favorite 3-year Anniversary <3
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Happy Anniversary :)
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We also thank you GGG
Really happy to support you :)
first page! woot
thanks for all the years + some :D

thanks GGG!

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