[2.4] Low Life Necro Flameblast Totems Ft The Scourge Terror claw/ 400% IAS Whirling! Videos added

This is a build guide for my essence league character and submission for Build of the Week.

The premise of the character is to use the Necromancer ascendancy notables Commander of Darkness and Mistress of Sacrifice, along with 8 auras and over 50% aura effect for a powerful combo. This allows the cast speed on myself and the the auras to my flameblast totems to "double dip" resulting in an incredible amount of cast speed and damage. This build boast a 10 stack flameblast cast time of around .3s

The new unique claw The Scourge terror claw

Is used to convert all of the minion damage gained from the Necromancer into generic damage for my totems. Using a claw over say a wand also allows for the use of whirling blades skill for fast and agile movement. Coupled with faster attacks, Commander of darkness, Flesh offering, Haste and Vaal haste It boasts an impressive 400%+ attack speed on whirling blades.

The true strength of this build however, is that it can do ANY map mod. It's already blood magic so no issues. Totems cover reflect and a life flask swap covers no regen maps.

In groups I grant a huge amount of Attack/Cast/Movement Speed and can use any combination of auras/Curses best suited for the group. It is truly the offensive version of The Guardian in group.

My gear from Essence league can be seen here.

The end game tree would go through lord of the dead and occultist dominion passives for great damage at the low cost of a 2 point swap. The Intuitive leap unique jewel is used near the Scion starting location to reach the 20% curse effect, 10% aoe and 25% duration nodes.

Mortal conviction is used to accommodate the large amount of auras. Paired with some amount of enlightens and a reduced mana reserved helm (crafted from the Essence of loathing) You can easily reach 8 auras as well as 2 curses

Stone Golem and some life regen instantly refill our small life pool to act as mana for our skills.

The flask setup used grants 10k armour, 11k evasion, blind, 26% flat physical reduction and onslaught.
The flask's in this build provide a substantial amount of defense combined with the alchemist passive near the witch starting area.

Along side aurafied Temporal chains, fortify, and a large amount energy shield makes this character quite durable.

For leveling I'd suggest firestorm into flameblast totems around cruel a3. Transition into low life once you have the right level of gear.



If you have questions please leave a comment below and I will answer.
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Had a similar build planned for hc but as ci for proper es pool, glad to see its working
pvp loooooooool
What would you put in as the 6th link?
Have you tried using Shockwave totem instead and replace spell totem with Controlled Destrution?
Damn this looks good. Was waiting for someone to use that claw right.
Camper215x wrote:
What would you put in as the 6th link?

Controlled destruction probably the best choice, potentially chance to ignite or prolif if you blasp flammability

Exodus_820 wrote:
Have you tried using Shockwave totem instead and replace spell totem with Controlled Destrution?

Id like to try some different totems for more instant dmg but I don't have much built in damage or crit flameblast gaining dmg at each stack helps a lot. I will give shockwave totem a try today.
1 Issue being you have to unreserve some life as shockwave totem cost like 150-200 mana
flameblast totem is like 50.
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Damn this looks good. Was waiting for someone to use that claw right.

Really interesting build!

2 questions:

1- Other than recharge, is the only source of ES repair that Shavronne's ring? (I was thinking of doing an ES totem build myself, but I wasn't sure if regen/Shavronne's ring would be enough. Lots of dodging?)

2- Have you ever killed yourself by putting down too many totems or using WB too much? It seems like you're living on the edge, especially if your golem dies!
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1- The shavs ring and recharge works well esp with my flask. I have a ton of evasion and I smoke cloud. I also have 11k armour and phy mitigation from basalt and +6 max res from purities.

2- you can't kill yourself using a skill on BM anymore game doesn't allow it. They changed that years ago. :D

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