[2.3] Physical CoC Trickster, Clear Maps at 279% Movespeed with 95% Evade Chance

This is a slightly different take on a physical CoC build. The main difference is using the Queen of the Forest unique chest. It allows you to get to absurd levels of movement speed, and thanks to CoC and cyclone you still do huge amounts of damage. The build can be done very cheaply, and functions fine into mid/high tier maps on only a 4 link. Trickster is used for the free movement skills, dodge and evasion and thanks to Uber Lab free frenzy charges as well. This build was originally made by my good friend Jackalope, but I have edited it slightly since then.

-Run really fast
-High damage
-Easily done on a budget
-Scales very well with gear
-High clear speed
-Can clear any map without phys reflect

-Low health pool

-Without flasks 139% movespeed
-With flasks 279% movespeed
-44k Evasion
-45% dodge, 51% spell dodge
-4.7k life


T14 Conservatory - Vulnerability, Elemental weakness, No regen, Hexproof (forgot to gearswap)https://youtu.be/q1JpXZf3zqs
T12 Village Ruin - 2 Additional Rogue Exiles, Elemental eqlibrium, No regen, 80% lightning resist, Double boss https://youtu.be/zYrj6UWVSPA
Atziri https://youtu.be/VkbFbDVRQyI

Passive Tree:

The only real item requirement is a Queen of the Forest with at least a 4 link and a vagan dagger. Only dual curse once you can cap your resists, and have at least two level two Enlightens to support the mana cost. Atziri's Step and Rat's Nest are best in slot for this build. For Jewels you want Warlord's Reach for additional cyclone AOE, and when you start dual cursing Conqueror's Efficiency to allow you to reserve 100% of your mana with only two Enlightens. On the remaining jewel focus on life and evasion rating. If only using a single curse make sure to get the leech enchant on boots. Due to the movespeed most of your attacks come from starting a new cyclone, meaning a Golden Kris is the best Vagan dagger for the build.

My current gear (all gotten during Perandus, no changes since it moved to standard)

Cyclone - Cast on Crit - Blade Vortex - Bladefall - Ethereal Knives - Increased Critical Strikes (Drop the last two on a 4 link, and increased crit strikes on a 5 link)
Cast When Damage Taken (level 6) - Summon Ice Golem (level 8) - Immortal Call (level 8)
Flame Dash - Vaal Haste
Assassin's Mark - Blasphemy - Enlighten - Grace
Blasphemy - Enlighten - Warlord's Mark (ONLY IF DUAL CURSING)
Fortify - Faster Attack - Whirling Blades

Level as a phys bladefall/blade vortex build to start, feel free to swap to CoC when you get a Tabula Rasa and Vagan dagger.

Last bumped on Dec 18, 2016, 8:22:31 PM
Looks Good.

Personally, I perfer more life 5.5k+ as a melee

I hope to see stats of unbuffed/ buffed / buffed + flask.
why not go IC with this?
IGN PinkCharmander
Couple of questions:

1) Why trickster?
2)Would you consider something similar as being viable for breach!
3) Would raider be more fit for the job now?

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