[2.3] quad golem build - looking for help

hi all,

I was thinking of making a summoner build, but the usual one but one using just golems ( and maybe some zombies:P). THe ascendancy choice would be odd as well - elementalist.
I never played a summoner before in POE, so this is just pure BS i theorycraft, with no knowledge or back up it even worth trying :) Hence Im here asking you guys for help.

the idea:
Elementalist ascendancy Liege of Primordial - lets you have 1 more golem and golems are immune to ele status, this is the most important thing, after that I dont even know which points to take.

2nd major thing is using 2 clayshapers (http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Clayshaper) - to increase the golem count to 4.

the build (in theory):

This is a CI version, as I think its easier to build with medicore geat and still get 5-6k es. But this could also be done as a life base or hybrid life/es

The biggest problem is that the other 4 ascendancy points are pretty much useless (at least that what i think, I may be so wrong).

The second option for this build would be triple golem (chaos as well) with occultist. This option especially for CI and chaos golems fits so well due to additional chaos damage and ES boost.
the downside is loosing 1 golem which really is a 1/4 of your fighting power.

Anyway thats its for me, please let me know what you guys thing, is this even viable or doable?


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