2.3 Ranged Bleeding Gladiator Concept

The idea is to use a bow physical damage to apply bleeding through the 50% chance to bleed on hit from two Gladiator keystones. Then amplify with knockback through either the 'King of the hill passive' and/or gems/gear.

I am currently researching the best way to scale bleed with phys damage through ranged methods, but most of the bleed builds are melee. Basic idea I had was to gain the highest phys crit possible to apply best bleed, then proliferate chain + pierce and 'Gratuitous violence' - 10% max enemy life aoe damage when bleeding enemy dies.

Some thoughts on possible ranged attacks:

Support (applied to all attacks below)
-scale with Proj phys, Pierce, crit chance, crit multi, maybe chain?
-multi curses (Vulnerability and assassin's mark or temp chains) maybe as aura with enhance and +1 socketed support thru The Vertex helm or heretic's veil with empower as well

-no GMP needed
-possibly a volley fire gem for more projectiles

*Caustic Arrow
-Scale DOT damage
-both scale off phys (kinda)

*Lightning arrow
-scales off phys

Atziri's Promise
Taste of Hate? - Frozen enemies do not go well with bleed's movement bonus, so maybe not.
Lion's roar? - Might have trouble keeping the up-time, but might free up an item/gem slot or passive(s).

Looking for any and all suggestions!

Here is a rough passive tree I just made.

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