Bladefall Low-Life Dual Void Battery Atziri 700K Dps 65/55 Block 7,2 K ES New Video 2.2.2c


Video Guide Ascendancy 2.2 "Fun Run Atziri as Example" Gear+Passives+Auras+DPS Tooltips+Gems ...
NO Mirrored Gears...

*Can Do Any Game Content
*Very Tanky(Fairly High ES even with no Shield)
*All Flasks like Vinktar or Rumi's can be pressed 3 times( + very many flask charges gained)
*Infinite Mana Flask Usage lol
*Vinktar Shock Mechanic almost double DMG// Reflect Immunity here
*Just Switch Gem Setup in 6L for Blade Vortex (Incr. Dur Gem+Vortex+Incr. Crit. Dmg) Insane Single Target DMG (no Mana Probs sustain Mana even with no leech, just sometime use Mana Flask or Vaal Clarity)
*Curse Auras can be changed to two Res Auras to get 80% Fire Res and 81% Light Res for Uber

This is first tests with Void Batteries, will continue impooving...
Sorry Bad Video Quality/Performance, have bad Laptop...

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Atziri -Hp base =low dps)))2-links)
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3nitro wrote:
Atziri -Hp base =low dps)))2-links)


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