1H Sword/Shield Reave Build

Hey guys, I tried to create a build but I know it's lacking and I'm not good at this, so I humbly ask for your advices and tweaks on my build, I'll post the gear I'm thinking about using and the passive skill tree I've made up.

Passive Tree

As you can see, I've tried to leave quite a few points to let you guys tinker around more easily, and I'm not sure what to get too.

Gear I Currently Use

About to wear this

And then these maybe for a while

Gear I Plan To Use

I'm currently using these two and I don't know what to change them with, they seem fine.

As for the rest of the gear, I'm not sure.

Higher Level Passive Tree
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That courtesan sword is seriously one of the sickest weapon you can find on Perandus league. With that you can easily reach 90K dps.

I am running exactly the same build as you on standard with a weaker weapon.

If I can hit 70K dps, you can definitely hit 90k dps. Here is what you have to do, (others may disagree with my opinion but I am the one who ran this build for 1 year plus)

1)Melee characters need defense very very badly-Buy an aegis aurora since it costs only one exalt, everyone one hander should use aegis aurora since it is the most imbalanced shield.

2)Make it maximum block-Grab every single block node from templar region to duelist region. There are in fact two versions, Duelist+templar+marauder starting nodes OR Duelist+Marauder+Ranger starting nodes. One of my friend, Siqi, pointed out that the ranger version might have higher DPS since ranger has really nice starting nodes compared to Templar.

4) Do not waste points going to the Scion life wheel. A lot of players disagree with me on this but let me say this-Scion life wheel is way overrated. So many skill points for just a bunch of 5%, not even 6% nodes.

5)Abyssus will make you die left and right lategame. Even with lightning coil, I die once every 15 hours of gameplay which is a lot of waste for my level-94. The reason being Abysuss bonus damage is calculated before lightning coil reduction bonus.

6)Get a freaking 6link or 5link at least. This build is not cheap. Without critical strike, you want to make the best of every link out there to hit 80k dps. Reave+Concentrated effect+Added fire+Physical to lightning+Multistrike+Melee physical damage

7)Do not bother crafting critical strike on your weapon and instead go for resolute technique. You think 7.5% critical strike chance is a lot? Without investing at least half of your skillpoints in critical damage and critical chance 7.5% hardly adds any more damage than resolute technique. Resolute technique is still the way to go unless you want to give up maximum block.

8)For gladiator Ascendancy, I will share a trick with you-A lot of people naively go for Violent Retaliation but take note that this node works only when you have been hit several times at one go which is not easy to accumulate. I rather take another one handed speed and damage.

9)Blood rage and tempest shield and CWDT setup and Reaction attacks-Reckoning etc. are must haves.

10)Lastly, you need better gears.
Here is my level 94 gladiator with 80K dps, 78/78 block, 5.5K hp and 10K armor. I am also running 6 endurance charges generated by vengeance+riposte+reckoning+endurance charge on melee stun

Don't use abyssus imo the damage is insane but it's not worth the death total you'll accumulate with it.

Also look into possibly setting up a vaal lightning strike set up for single target.
I have a 5link, I was thinking Reave-Faster-Multi-Melee-Fire, I can drop abyssus when things get nasty, how to go about duelist marauder ranger?
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Basically you realize that we are talking about a max block build over here. Simply replace the bonus block chance nodes found in the templar region with those in ranger area. Invest the leftover passives in HP and sword damage. It will be stronger than the templar duelist marauder version by quite a bit.
Something like this?


Edit: Btw I know this is over 110 sp but I'm actually trying to create 3 trees with around 70 sp, 90 sp and 110 sp, can you help, since I'm really new I don't think I got nodes in a smart way and probably picked some trash too..
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I have corrected your skilltree.

Since you are new, I provide you a general guideline for skilltree for all characters.

-For skill based characters (non-spellcasters), there are only two options-Critical strike or resolute technique. Accuracy in this game decreases as monster level increases, the only way to maintain absolute hit rate for low critical strike characters is Resolute Technique. I already told you that, why did you miss that out in the tree? It is a must have!!!

-The basic trick to skilltree in this game is to avoid bonus stats (10 strength, 10 dex etc) as much as possible and reach out for the major passives around each character's starting area as much as possible.
You did not take the shortest route for that.

-You are a maximum block character. Take every single bonus block node on the tree. Why did you take 'Outmatch and Outlast'? I adjusted for you by taking the bonus 2% block instead.

-You do not need frenzy charge-You are not a frenzy charge specialised character. I took endurance charges in place of that since you do have the 'riposte+vengeance+reckoning+endurance charge on melee stun' setup. As a melee character, you will die left and right without some kind of defenses like endurance charges.
As you can see, I left out a lot of unused passives so that you can complete your build at a low level. For the remaining nodes, just grab all the remaining bonus life passives around the tree.

I see that you still have a lot to learn about this game. My exams will end on 9th May, I will contact you in game then to guide you more.

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