Raider Wander 2.2 HCP [Life Based]


Hello fellow memers! Welcome to wanding in PoE as a Raider. This build will focus on the the benefits & weaknesses as a life based wander and provide you with enough tools to get threw mapping up until tier 10 maps (Never gotten higher then that fam)


What this build can do:

*You will have sustainable life and mana threw leech so you can do half/no regen map mods.
*You can do high damage (over 40K[depending on how good your wand is]).
*Evasion + Dodge/Spell Dodge is a really good defensive mechanic.
*You COULD do Physical reflect maps but only if you're running Vinktars or Atziri's Flask and have it up all the time.

What this build CAN'T do:

*Elemental reflect maps aren't doable unless you go Vaal Pact.
*Going into High Tier maps requires high level item (Lightning Coil/Really good wand/Strong Gear).
*unsustainable max DPS because you're based on charges so long boss fights can be a pain.


Gear choice really comes down to preference and known what kind of content you want to farm. For low tier stuff Map 1-9 You can get away with running pretty much anything. Past tier 10 I would almost 100% recommend you run Lightning Coil. (It sucks because I actually like Belly and other options) The effect of LC is just too strong. Here is an example of gear for someone who would be doing Low tier maps. This kind of gear set provides high amount of HP threw Belly of the Beast and high Evasion / Dodge. Now if you're aiming for going for high tier maps you should be running something like this:


Here is the type of gear you would run if you decided to go into high tier maps (They should make a better Lightning Coil tbh fam)



Kinetic Blast + GMP + WED + Pierce + Added Lightning Damage + Faster Attacks

For single target you could do 2 thing. You could self cast Frost Wall (This isn't half bad since you have +6 Frenzy charges) with Spell Echo + Faster Casting OR You could use Barrage with Cast on Crit. At the end of the day it's up to you (I personally just went barrage because I wanted to level one to 20 for another CoC build)

Flame Dash + Faster Casting

CoDT (Level 1) + Immortal Call (Level 2) + Increased Duration

Herald of Ice + Curse on Hit + Assasin's Mark + Wrath

For Vaal Gems you could go Vaal Haste or Vaal Power Siphon. I personally go Vaal Grace because having 75% Dodge and Spell Dodge is OP as fuck lol


Skill Tree

Now you can go into maps once you're something like level 74 or even 70 . It just depends if you've got enough DPS. I started Wanding when I got level 48 and Mapping when i got level 70 so it's just up to you.

Level 70

Level 90

For Bandits just go Oak-Kraityn-Alira



I uploaded some videos for y'all so you can see the build run. It's pretty slow but w/e fam I hate uploading so many videos.

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Build still under construction so reserving
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