Temp League SRS

Due to the release of Essence Worm Unset Ring, my personal temp league build is now set in stone. I have had and continue to receive questions about my minion builds, mostly pertaining to Summon Raging Spirits.

Current Status

Level 93

3 offensive auras. Haste, wrath, and generosity anger

7,211 life
699.5 life regeneration per second
27% phys reduction
75% fire resistance
75% cold resistance
75% lighting resistance
20% chaos resistance
19% chance to block +

128% increased duration (before gems)
270% increased minion damage modifier

Normal Oak +40 life
Cruel +1 skill point
Merciless +1 skill point


For all intensive purposes level 38 is the goal. From that point on the remainder of the game to act 4 normal to level 90 (as required by current challenges) is rather steady.

After the quest breaking some eggs you can choose as a reward and also buy summon raging spirit gem(level 4 required). I specifically pick it and buy a second one, leveling the extra in another gem slot. You may also buy orb of storms gem. While self casting summon raging spirits you have no time to be casting other spells or moving about. SO upon engaging monsters I will cast orb of storms and stand defensively in the radius or even back away at times so the mob has to pass through it to get to me (being the only target).

Assuming RNG is not in your favor and it does not drop, the witch cannot buy added fire damage gem. So I buy one at a later time from another player.

Entering The Prison you can get help from Nessa via support gem, after you talk to her you can buy a spell totem (level 8 required) This is where I put the second summon raging spirit. Either this same time or after killing brutus you can get minion damage gem and a second one for the totem. Right now my only concern is to have a 3 link item with red/blue/blue and another of blue/blue, solely based on what i know i can buy at this time from the vendor.

I usually save everything from here until sometime during act 2 normal to buy a dying breath coil staff and soon after a leer cast festival mask. For obvious reason I hope. If I do not currently need any attributes form my amulet I will buy a sidhebreath paua amulet. I have yet to find a 5 link cheat drop before I could buy a rasa tabula simple robe which I prioritize from this point on.

From here saving whatever drops and picking up better gear along the way until level 38.

Level 38

If you do not already know everything changes. You can now use cast when damage taken, spell echo, and the new addition essence worm unset ring(s) Unless you get a nice amount of currency by level 38 I doubt having 2 essence worms will be likely exactly at this level. I tend to slightly over level and will achieve level 38 by running a few run s of normal dried lake.

By using 2 essence worms I went Blood magic and mortal conviction(only for the bonus life) for a very long time, even past level 90. I only used 2 auras during this time and the third aura is not necessary but a bonus I know have.

With a +2 minion helm with 3 resistances and or life on it(surprisingly cheap and easy to obtain). I use haku to craft whatever is missing on it. Since I am life based I prefer Armour based helmets.(Gem set up coming soon) Also gloves with life, resistances or needed attributes such as dexterity and craft increase minion damage on them. Lastly boots with 30 movement speed, some resistances or attributes as well as life, always life. All jewels on the skill tree (see skill tree) have minion damage on them and some kind of resistances which will cap you as desired. Jewels with life as well as minion damage are usually very expensive and are not worth chasing after.

Gear transition

Besides replacing the sidhebreath paua amulet for something with high life and attributes, this is all the gear it takes to get through the average temporary league on a budget or lack of time for a GG build... But now we get into what to do after.

The #1 goal is always to get a +3 6l staff. Before Perandus league I was unable to obtain a 6l staff but I was able to buy the dark mage divination card(s) ranging from 8-13 chaos each which at the time was less than 1 exalt. Upon obtaining a 6l staff I then pursued Koam's heart glorious plate giving up tabula and whatever links i had on dying breath I also give up my secondary summon raging spirits on spell totem and self cast only. I also frequently check corrupted belts with increased spell effect duration. By crafting Vagan's blood magic mod on my staff I was able to respec out of mortal conviction and blood magic and run a third aura on my mana and still at full life without any mana reserve nodes.

Skill tree

With mistress of sacrifice I gain the effects of my offering spells. This being said with my bone offering on a high leveled cast when damage taken, I recover 468 life when I block. This allows me to easily face tank perandus mobs for example. I have a cwdt at level 1 setup with desecrate, immortal call, and enfeeble (my new staple) Although I have bone offering on cwdt at a high level I am strongly considering self casting it permanently at all times over flesh offering. I take unwavering stance specifically because when you block your chance to be stunned is taken into account and you can be stunned even through a block which you then cannot block during the stun duration. All of the links in my gear are here below and should be self explanatory

Gear and Gem links

6-link +2 fire vagan bm craft staff

+2 minion helm rally cry enchant

30 ms life, and attributes boots

minion damage, life, attribute gloves

corrupted minion damage, life, res all amulet

essence worm x2 haste/wrath

This is only my second guide/build I have made on a forum so please let me know what you think or if there are other things I should be pointing out and I can edit along the way.
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Kaom's heart is my current chest

Atziri's step is also a great option for ms, decent life, and a chance to dodge on top of the bone offering.

Edit: Is deathless viable for Atziri.
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Thanks for posting this, and helping me out in game. Definitely thorough, and a lot of tips I'm going to work into my build.
Thank you for that. I do realize that I did not go into great detail of how and why I have my gems all linked, though I always suggest trial and error to find out what works and why certain things don't work. To each their own which brings me to state that I always run culling strike with quality on my srs. It is a must have personally.
Very nice write up for somebody new to playing a summoner. I am going to give it a try next league, thankfully I won't have to deal with Perandus packs. Thank you for taking the time to write up this beginners guide.
lolz big difference between new to, and beginner's guide....and an in-depth guide, buology is the SRS guru yo XD

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