[OCC] CI Caustic Arrow - Atziri Down

Note: This is a barebones guide right now, I hope to have it updated by 9PM PST (2 PM tomorrow GGG time) but I have a thing to go to. I wanted to get the basics up right now.

So I've had this idea for a while now. Since Caustic Arrow scales with levels more than bow damage, why not treat it more like a caster and use caster defenses. That and I find it humorous to use chaos damage with CI. Please note: This is a fun build. This is not a build that is "strong" in the sense of fast clearing. It is, however, strong in the "I had fun doing this" department.



Caustic Arrow - Conc Effect - Void Manipulation - Rapid Decay - Pierce - Empower

I find that without at least a 5 link the damage is pretty meh. You can find a basic 5 link +1 gems bow for pretty cheap (I got one for a chaos a month ago and sold it for a chaos yesterday). Empower is really good if you can find a 6 link +1 but it's the least helpful gem for damage (the other 4 supports are MORE multipliers).

Lightning Arrow - GMP - Curse on Hit - Vulnerability

You can use whatever curse you want here: temp chains and enfeeble are other options, but Vuln increases DoT taken, so that's what I prefer.

Vaal Discipline + Faster Casting

With no increased cast speed in the build, you pretty much need Faster Casting to use this in crunch times.

Blink Arrow (Faster Attacks)

I don't use Faster Attacks with this, but you can if you want to.

Currently I'm sitting right over 9K tooltip degen fields. Part of the reason I can't get higher fields is because I give up a lot of damage for CI effectiveness, but again: It's for fun. This isn't to be some super strong build, it was meant to be fun. And it has been.


Discipline: It's a CI build, needs as much ES as possible. It adds over 2k es.
Clarity: With a 48 mana cost Caustic Arrow, you can OOM without clarity. I run it as high level as I can, I'm not having problems sustaining unless I turn off Clarity
Arctic Armor: Normally my third option, this is a good amount of phys mitigation (the fire mitigation isn't as important since I'm resist capped) and I'm not using the mana for anything else, so why not.
Purity of ___: If I'm going into an Ele Weakness map, I run Purity of Elements. Although I could switch it for Lightning since that's the only resist I'm not overcapped on. If you think you need more of a resist you should have enough mana to run it. Its just having enough Strength for Fire that's a problem.


If I was going to do it again I'd use an Eye of Chayula. Dream Fragments helps solve the mana issues and prevents freeze. +1 Gems six link is the most expensive piece of gear, I got one for 1.6ex. I probably spent slightly under 4ex total.

Another change for optimal DPS is to grab a Drillneck for more pierce chance and the damage modifier. Rearguard adds another layer of defense but it isn't that helpful without increased block chance. I just found it while leveling and decided to use it. If you need resists you can grab some on quivers too.


I have a phasing flask for running through tough mobs or if I get surrounded. The smoke flask is mostly just a secondary bleed flask, and I was trying a bunch of the new flasks to see if they were useful and I just kept it. Can be any flask you like, won't even need bleed if you can keep your anti-bleed flask up enough. I just tend to have granite and warding together because my panic button is 3. 4 and 5 are where I keep my quicksilvers, and one of them is increased charges/anti-bleed. Mostly flasks are just personal preference in this build, there's no requirement like with some builds.

Passive Tree: Level 89

Make sure you use Energy from Within on the Life/ES cluster between Witch and Shadow, it gives a crapload of ES with that jewel and you kind of have to take the node because there's not that many other accessable ES nodes.


Is this Atziri viable? Yes. https://youtu.be/Gwu5DdbtjXQ
Is this Uber viable? Don't know, don't intend to find out.
Why no Eye of Chayula? Because I didn't want to. I should have, it's definitely better, but I wanted to see how it worked without the Eye.
What about CWDT setups? Yeah, should have done them, didn't because I was lazy. I have no reason other than that. CWDT + Molten Shell + Immortal Call + Increased Duration. I just have no way of generating Endurance Charges so it'd have to be Enduring Cry. This build does not like to stop around monsters.
I think you should have taken this cluster/shouldn't have taken this cluster! That's fine. Take it. This is just a guide, you don't have to follow it to the letter.
Can I go MF with this build? While MF Caustic Arrow is pretty common, this build is actually really bad for it. CI + MF is not the greatest combination. But there's plenty of MF Caustic Arrow guides on the forums, I would check them out.
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looks quite nice, but i would the soul strike quiver tbh
Really you can use any quiver, but I didn't feel like trying to upgrade again. I got down to around 10 chaos when I upgraded all my gear so I needed to save up again. I don't feel like spending so much on gear I'll use for the last level at this point (89, going to 90), since my next build isn't going to be cheap either.

EDIT: I switched to a Hyrri's for the AoE increase (and because I found one), I'm not really noticing any difference in the defense other than about 50 more ES from the Int.
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