[2.2] KizZThizZ's Deadeye HC Poison Siege Ballista

Hi, welcome to my first guide!

Im currently playing perandus hardcore, so the build is more defensive than it has to be.
Ive seen some good builds about siege ballista or especially the iron commander unique, but i always had the feeling it could be better.

First of all: You clicked on the title because u wanted to see how viable the build is. ok, here we go:

gorge run https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zt2zjjcPWm8
atziri run https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWfPxowpawg

high damage, very good survivability -> hardcore char!

all three lines: chin sol, point blank, deadeye ascendancy, more at close/less at maximum range

the orange line: if poison can exceed 100% dmg of the initial hit / second, then the orange line is the maximum dps u can reach depending on the range between the mob and ur totem.

the yellow line: vaal lightning trap on the boss (shocked)

gray line: if poison is capped at 100% dmg of the initial hit / second (not sure)

and yeah, im 2lazy to trade, i only have a 5link :)
interested? go on reading!

Why siege ballista?

- low mana cost (e.g. lvl 20 flame totem costs 3,23x more mana)
- 100% chance to pierce
- 170.4% damage multiplier (lvl 20 gem)
- no further gem required compared to range attack totem
- rain of splinters saves another support gem

(instead of lmp 16% less u can link 29% more projectile damage,
1,29/0,84 = 1,53, so u get 53% more dmg for taking 60% reduced damage,
30% rain of splinters, 30% jewel with totem/projectile dmg u could take instead of ros)

Why poison?

Poison deals 10% of the initial physical and chaos hit combined each second for 2 seconds duration.

- poison effect stacks cumulative
- poison applied by a totem is increased by totem damage
- poison applied by projectile attack is increased by projectile damage
- poison duration can be increased, so duration is another damage multiplier

Why is poison still balanced?

Well it is no burst damage.
Lets say you have 1,5 attacks/second with youur siege ballista. First u have to place your totem and after that it takes 0,67 seconds before the first arrow is shot. Without attackspeed/totem placement speed it feels like an eternity.
The same problem is for Poison. The poison is a damage over time that can stack.
Lets make it easy, an easy estimation how long it takes to reach maximum dps:

totem placement time + attack time + poison duration

considering my gear and spec it is:
0,76 + 0,67 + 3,36 = 4,72 seconds
(i think i calculated the totem placement time wrong, but you know what i want to say)

again this is just an estimation, i dont want to bore you with more excel sheets than i have to.

how much poison damage do i have?
my poison currently has 527% increased damage (totem damage, projectile damage, dot, poison damage)
so we have 0,1 * (1 + 527/100) * 1,29 (slower proj) * 1,29 (pierce) * 1,2 (frenzy)
= 1,252 of the initial hit per second
how many seconds?
2 * 1,2 (dirty techniques and the node before it) * 1,4 (temp chains)
= 3,36 seconds

3,36 * 1,252 = 4,2 times the damage of the initial hit!!

i have in mind that poison cant exceed 100% of the initial hit, but i cant find it anywhere... :>
just watch the video and see if you like the damage or not.


100% pierce chance and double dipping from projectile damage -> drillneck
chaos damage and physical damage is obviously good for poison -> alberons warpath is a good choice
good utility vs chilling ground and freeze -> winterheart
we can place the totem where we want and use point blank -> chin sol
rings/chest/belt/gloves good rares with resistance/hp/armor/evasion
ofc you could take Winds of Change for gloves, but i wanted to overcap for ele weakness curse and i already have tons of projectile damage

my current gear lvl 90 hardcore perandus:

totem damage/projectile damage/life/attack speed/chaos damage/physical damage/damage over time

current stats lvl 90


haste, arctic armour, temp chains is a really good utility, combined with totems, stone golem (check the life reg), iron reflexes and 180+% hp makes it good for hardcore

5 frenzy charges

5 frenzy charges and chaos dmg flask



first five link:
siege ballista - added chaos - slower projectiles - pierce - poison
second five link:
frenzy - chain - gmp - curse on hit - temp chains

4 links:
arctic armour, haste, clarity, vaal lightning trap
summon stone golem, minion life, cast when dmg taken lvl 17, molten shell lvl 19
cast when dmg taken lvl 1, arctic breath, immortal call, increased duration

and use blink arrow in one of the 5link 6sockets

why haste? no other aura is usefull for increasing poison damage. more hits -> more poison stacks and i really love the utility
haste aura, arctic armour and temp chains -> easy mode



rush ancestral bond as ranger, just level using siege ballista and one attack (split/lightning arrow/...)
just buy a good storm cloud and wake of destruction until u can use a chin sol.

deadeye ascendancy is just the best option for the build. tons of projectile damage and most important: additional arrow. that means if u get a corrupted chin sol/ drillneck u can skip rain of splinters and use a +30 projectile/totem damage gem instead!!
but my damage is currently so high that i love the clearspeed of a 5 arrow siege ballista (=

~ lvl 70 https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAABAIAAK_rAdGiQPT4oSLEorvj_rp9ddN-73oAXvajGY4VIO2DLOktgwguhrMA7hm0Kk2-pz8nR-JlTXXLSsgi4r02t7bqYm6qWlKkOUd-jX618qiahNlDMTWSe8PDM9rB_o_YvVoadO1N4_4KLIUFLaZX8kW3PiFgeu864YPMdPE8LRjbKaWDX8auLiMUdcT2EMyTmaTCcqn-h7uerKr3MnsgWfN82fiTGjhyD5BVZp4nL1jlKhNaK6Pyz14VQxPasQEAAA==

lvl 90 https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAABAIAAK_rAdGiQPT4oSLEorvj_rp9ddN-73oAXvajGY4VIO2DLOktgwguhrMA7hm0Kk2-pz8nR-JlTXXLSsgi4r02t7bqYm6qWlKkOUd-jX618qiahNlDMTWSe8PDM9rB_o_YvVoadO1N4_4KLIUFLaZX8kW3PiFgeu864YPMdPE8LRjbKaWDX8auLiMUdQthxPYQzJOZpMKvbHKpK7b-h7ueaPKsqvcyeyDwH1nzfNn4k6IAGjhyDwSzkFWUb2aeJy9mVPrSWOUWbyoTwxMkquNqWis26aPyE9qxAXFDZdPPXhVDLlPTbwAA

anny suggestions/questions/errors, just tell me

edit: typo
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hey man, i cant see the tree
sry, my offline skilltree planner was not up to date, works now :>
You could use Snakebite gloves instead of the poison gem - so you could replace it with a faster attack (ballistas train faster and overall hit better on fast targets) or a crit gem (more crit).

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