[2.2] Crit Bladefall Trapper. Is Poison worth it anymore?

So I'm currently playing a Crit Bladefall trapper right now, and having a blast with it. Absolutely crushing everything with him so far. By far the easiest Atziri runs I've ever hard.
Right now, I'm running Bladefall - Trap - Trap Damage - Poison - Cluster - Increased Area on a 6L Carcass Jack, subbing in Conc Effect for AoE on bosses. Also using a Ming's Heart for the damage boost, and still sitting around 4k life with it equipped. I went Saboteur for Chain Reaction, and it's been amazing with Bladefall so far. Even with Conc Effect, the AoE with it is huge, which meant I didn't really need a Bino's for the prolif at all. Instead I picked up a Divinarius for the increased AoE and spell damage/crit.

In my current tree, I haven't really gotten around to picking up the Chaos or DoT nodes yet, like Fatal Toxins. I'm having a hard time telling if it's worth it to grab those, or to skip on them to just scale my crit and physical higher, just getting rid of poison completely. Since I'm using a Divinarius over Bino's, and not depending on poison prolif at all, is it even worth investing in or using a link on? What would you guys suggest? And if I do get rid of it, what's a good gem to replace it with on my 6L? I basically took an old 2.1 build and started making changes, but this is one part I'm not sure on.

Here's my tree. Any help is hugely appreciated!

And here's my current gear:
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In my opinion you could pass from poison in your current build orientarion. In my case, I found poison to be a nice mechanic opener apart from the extra damage it provides. For example, using poison and the gloves southbound makes traper to be able to get on kill effects, so i can get easy frenzy charges without having to get the the pasive for frenzies using the blooddance boots and the very useful mana on kill. ( anyway i have both because makes goimg full frenzy all the time easy). I have 4.5k hp/2k es and using zealot oath plus stone golem and blooddance i get somewhat decent es regen with binos. I hav 0 points invested in crit so i end up with 20 crit chance.. Still i see my dmge pretty decent at 6k+ tooltip with cluster(5 frenzy 3 power charges)

Hope it helps, good hunting

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