2.2 Discharge Crit CI - what u think guys?

Hi everyone!

I'm writing this post cuz 20 min ago i had no idea what i would play in new patch that hits tomorrow. I was looking at all the guides nothing caught my eye. And then it hit me why not try to do some kind of CI Discharge build.

Here is what i had in mind for skill tree:

Skill gems:
5L: Discharge + Inc Aoe + Conc Effect + Inc Crit Chance + Ice Bite

Blasphemy + Warlord's Mark + Discipline
Self cast Assassin's Mark until i can run 2X blasphemy + discipline ( probably would need lvl 4 enlighten and some mana reduction nodes but i think it could be done in late game)

Ascendancy class:
I would take Occultist:
Forbidden Power and Vile Bastion

2 skill points and power charge

As u can see with Ice Bite, 2 curses (warlords and assassins), Overcharged cluster (scion part Conduit node) and ascendancy class node "Forbidden Power" i have many many way's to generate charges and i forgot about enduring cry also as a option if i'm starved for charges.

I think i can easily hit 10-13k es with good gear.
Only thing that worries me is ele reflect. Ele reflect maps are probably not good idea.

What you guys think about it? Im open for any suggestion, advice..
Would it be ok build for standard version of new league?

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