[2.1.2] Skeleton Necromancer (Summoner) - Spell Totem Summon Skeletons - 30 Skeletons + 9 zombies

[2.1.2] Skeleton Necromancer (Summoner) - Spell Totem Summon Skeletons - 30 Skeletons + 9 zombies



So it all started out with me wanting to play some kind of summon skeleton build. it is an under used skill and is considerd bad by most people. my goal was to have a build that
feels like you play a necromancer from Diablo 2. A hard feat as skeletons don't follow you, only zombies and golems do.

But a few days ago i figgured out how to do it. it might sound wierd, but it actually works REALLY well. It might not be Whirling blade+Reave Fast but it is deffintly decent, mutch better then you think, trust me!!

The basic idea is:
Summon skeletons+melee splash+Spell totem
Ancestral Bond
Minion instability (unlimited supply of skeletons = unlimited supply of explosions)
+ zombies, golems, spectrals for extra tanks, dmg and sponges.
This resoults in a VERY cool build where zombies is your personal guard and summon skeletons are an army you command!
The skeletons you summon stay around for more then 40 second!

This build is able to level from lvl 1 using minions and are able to do medium and possibly high level maps (gem levels matter!), so if you like a minion build this is a build for you!


Currently this build have about:
30x normal Skeletons (looks like a normal Vaal skeleton)
9x zombies
2-3x Spectres
1x cute golem
and a bonus of vaal skeletons!


- SUPER cheap, you only need Queen's Decree 2h Sword and a few Army of Bones Jewels.
- Minions will do awesome AOE damage with splash, great single target when they all focus one mob.
- Minions will be damagespunges for you, this makes this build easily HC viable!
- High mobility, you can focus on standing in safe spots.
- can do blood magic map mods if you dont use hatred.
- Flesh Offering (+vaal haste) is an INSANE damage boost. (TURBO!)
- This build will deffintly be strong enough to do high Tier maps.

- Not that fast but not super slow either, you can't compare it to builds like Whirling blade+Reave ofc.
- Piety in act 4 (corrupted blood lazer). kill her before she even does it to have a chance.
- No real focus on auras, hard to use with a costly 150-200 mana per totem.
- Might be hard to level thru normal at times. but it will only get stronger!
- Very heavy on your computer at times., expect low FPS at times if you dont have a newer GPU (970+) (i drop to 40 at times with an 980ti)


Build Mecanics

Queen's Decree and Army of Bones
Queen's Decree increases the duration of your skeletons up to +200%,
while Army of Bones reduces it. Queen's Decree counters this decreased duration very well,
allowing us to have a few placed in our tree. This way, we can reach skeletons that lasts around 44-48 seconds while having +12-16 skeletons just from jewels!.

Spel Totem + Summon Skeletons?
The reason most people dont play with skeletons is becuse its slow to summon and they move slow.
adding them to a totem makes so that you only need to summon once to get a contant flow of summons (twice the summoning speed with ancestral bond!)
and as the skill then automaticly is summoning the skeletons ON the mob, the movement speed is often not even a problem. (might be in the start)

the build also gets totem duration and skill duration, not for the case of keeping the skeletons alive longer but more for keeping the totems up longer to spam more skeletons.

Other things
Tanky zombies, Tanky golem, some cool spectres of your choice.
hatred, flesh offering and possibly vulnerability.

you could get Alberon's Warpath but not really that big of a deal if you skip them.

Leveling this build and general tips

- The build ramps up in damage!, you are weakest right in the start!
- Start leveling with choice of spell and Raise Zombies.
- Transfere over to SRS+zombies pretty quickly
- you can start playing around with Summon skeletons+splash+spel totem.
- Around act 3 normal i stoped using SRS even if it was quite usefull still (make your own choice)
- One you have ancestral bond you can go all out summon skeletons easy.
- Piety act 4 normal you might need some help. by that point your minions might not be strong enough yet to even be close to survive Corrupted blood. (Oneshoted her in cruel before first laser)
- Malachai can take some time to kill on all difficulties but keep summoning those totems and stay safe
- You can use Vaal skeletons any time when you need some more defence or damage, eventually you might want to save it for some boss fights, not needed but its fun.

Life, Mana or Kill / Kill / Kill

(This is theory only)
Witch -> Necromancer
Beacon of Corruption - A chaos DMG DoT when skeletons die! as they do now and then :)
Flesh Binder - free phys dmg reduction for every zombie
Mistress of Sacrifice - totem duration! (flesh offering dont really make mutch diffrence other then movement speed)


Gear and Skills:

Generally you want to have as much life as possible, elemental resistances, max mana and mana regen, faster casting if possible.

Helmet – Get helmet with +2 lvl to minions gems and link:
Raise Zombie + Chaos Golem + Fortify + Minion Life

Queen's Decree
4 or 5 link (4 is pretty easy to get) (get a sword with more then +190% duration)
4 link: Summmon skeletons + Spell Totem + Melee Splash + Minion Damage(blue and all damage)/Melee Physical Damage (red and only physical)

5 and 6 link: you can go for minion damage, phys melee damage or multistrike

Chest (2+4 links)
Hatred + Generosity (you will be tempted to use more auras, but you need loads of mana to cast totems freely)
Vulnerability, Flesh Offering and Vaal Haste and Faster casting.

Gloves, Boots

Raise Spectre + Minion Damage + Minion Speed + Minion and totem resist - just to keep them alive doing nice dmg, Speed works for most spectres as a damage boost.
Vaal Summon Skeleton + Minion Damage + Melee Splash + Minion Speed

Jewels, rings, amulet, belt
a bunch of Army of Bones (try to get 10% reduced duration jewels, or atleast bellow 15%)
Some nice resist/life rings and belt, any Amulet that you find decent. Shaper's Seed is nice to level with.

((The build could use things like Energised Armour at jewel socket between witch and shadow (life+es wheel), or between templar and Ancestral bond as well (armour+es wheel)))

My Current Gear:


Passive skill tree - LIFE version that this build is based on


Passive skill tree - ENERGY SHIELD version with Mind over Mater for Chaos damage

also consider using Energy From Within by the jewel socked between witch and shadow

this ES build will require a diffrent gearing and might be more difficult for newer players


That would be all folks, if you have questions, suggestions or comments, feel free to post!

(I will come back and update this now and then when i feel it needs updateing)

// Zkeletor ;)
IGN: Nivius
Ty for scam <3
Hey there! I'm still pretty new at this game so I'm still trying to get a hang around this game. I always wanted to do a summoner build but many other guides are way, way too expensive for someone like me. I think I'll give this a try for my first legit summoner build. I'll be back with news later! Thanks for the guide :)
Glad you liked it, i am currently doing tier 7 maps with this build and my summon skeleton is only lvl 16.

i might get myself a higher level gem soon enough, i just need to find a bit more currency :)
IGN: Nivius
Ty for scam <3
some video?
I really like the idea.

Do you think with 2.2 the Templar would be better for this because you can summon up to 5 totems if I understood it right.

The totems do 10% less dmg with every totem summoned, but probably the skeletons will not as they are not a spell. :)

But I guess my graphic card will not support that. :)
TheLuckyOne wrote:
I really like the idea.

Do you think with 2.2 the Templar would be better for this because you can summon up to 5 totems if I understood it right.

The totems do 10% less dmg with every totem summoned, but probably the skeletons will not as they are not a spell. :)

But I guess my graphic card will not support that. :)

this was made before the new Templar totem was released, and yes this would maybe be best as a Templar now as the totem damage don't even effect the skeletons
IGN: Nivius
Ty for scam <3
zyd888823 wrote:
some video?

i can try to get a video going soon!
IGN: Nivius
Ty for scam <3
As there is a maximum amount of Skeletons, it might be possible to also use a SRS totem?

I mean a lot of the nodes you have are also benefiting SRS and 2 totams for skeletons and 2 totems for SRS might be pretty good?

I really think a 5 totem SRS summoner would be insane, but then on the other hand the witch gets the necromancer profession, so maybe self-cast SRS as necromancer is better.

Hard to guess.

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