[2.1]Double Cybil MoM PermaCharged NonLegacy Crit RF BladerWitch

Intro Description:
This build needs at least around 50 ex worth of stuff but will pretty much stomp just about every in the game. I Currently have only 5.2k hp, but i can face tank easily thru creama firestorm, torture chamber lasers, mervil, academy, malformation, etc. Pretty Much You are indestructable PvE wise to anything that doesn't one shot you as long as you don't desync and keep letting your BV cycle the enemy. Lastly, I am able to do all map mods in this game, with the worse possible mods being a mix of vulnerability, -max res, blood magic.

//You can maintain status immunity (burn, freeze, bleed, etc)
//Have Permanent Charge generation for the 24/7 auto immortal call procs
//You have a 44% dmg reduction to all dmg that does not 1 shot (MoM + fortify)
//Not an fps crashing build
//Chaos res can be capped with no chaos res from jewel
//Good boss Killer; You will kill bosses alot faster and safer than most other players you encounter. (i don't have a mortal hope, but pretty sure this build can roll thru uber and facetank abbaxoth as well)
//All map mod viable; no leech, regen, etc
//Insane HP Healing; At 50 stacks vs single boss you are getting 1600 hp/sec, your life flask with belly on will heal 1216 hp/sec, and then there are the cwdt firestorm procs each lasting 5.3 seconds giving close to half your dmg taken back in health per proc over time (assuming only 25% of the 53 balls hit a target, cwdt firestorm can keep you easily recovered in packs.

//To work perfectly need another 10% DTGTM total from ring/amu.
//Will be taking up at least 5 rare jewels for most of your time late game to lv 100 and Rare Jewels are expensive. will prob need to self craft, trade off ones you don't need.
//Not good when playing in servers half way across the world from you, because you will be using whirling blades alot, I'm playing from USA and most my friends/other mappers from EU and the desync just gets so bad when moving around, I get disconnected pretty much all the time while mapping in Frankfurt server from US.
//No auras, but this character becomes pretty Godlike when paired up with an aura/curse support
//Micro-intensive playstyle; you WILL to have to use 2 hands.
//No armor; thus your effective hp vs burst physical damage isn't high, if a colossal bonestalker crits you with vulnerability+crit/dmg modifers on map it is possible to get bursted; all the more reason why you want a belly of the beast for this character.
//Safe, but not super op clearing; it's simply due to the nature of BladeVortex, you won't clear faster than well geared rangers/etc.

General Playstyle Video/Info:

This build has a very similar playstyle to the Diablo 2 Classic Hammerdin and is more micro-intensive than most builds, you are going to be dashing, Casting Rallying Crys, BV casting, potting, and keeping an eye out on your status more so than say a ranger shooting stuff from the back of the screen.

You will have perma immortal call so long as you are able to tank the initial hit. Fortify on whirling blade will be giving you another 20% dmg reduction. Frenzy charges Will be generated with blood rage to boost speed/dps further. And Righteous Fire also auto procs to add more dmg.


Now This setup gets you 104 Dex, thus with a perfect 55 dex roll on a gear you get use a 21/20 blade vortex. However, it is likely that you will not have good 55 dex gear, so instead of taking the jewels node near the CI node, you can take jewel node to the right of the shadow instead to lower the dex requirement. But dex isn't really something you really have to worry about, with a 21+ dex Careful Planning Jewel placed in the slot above the witch tree you reach 155 dex for the ability to use lv 20 BV with no hassle.

Dex Tree:

This is just a swap from the mana node pathing to the dex below scion, with this you will only need 25 dex to use a 21/20, which is easily obtainable with the master craft.

jewels for the tree:

Spirited Response Is a Must for this build, put it in the jewel node next to MoM. I also use clear mind b/c i don't use auras, it is both cheap and effective.
As for the other jewels Ideally, you will want LIFE prefix with a dmg prefix. And either Attack & Cast speed suffix + all res or + a dmg suffix

Also since Spirited response is such a cheap jewel, you can corrupt it for silence immunity when you got extra currency to spend; immune to silence can help against mobs like academy boss, cuz you can die if your immortal call gets silenced and you forget to press anti-curse flask.


Core Gear/Explanation:

With these as core and rallying cry i get 32% dmg taken going to mana which actually works to recover 2% of the dmg taken as mana when i am hit. Now without a the 6% DTGTM corruption on voll + romira, you will not really feel much of a dent normally unless it is fighting High dps Enemies Such as Creama Boss, you will have to then kite in N out once your mana drops low. Kaom's boot is great, anti-knockback allow you to stay in range, never getting stunned so you can keep castin, good hp, and cheap!!!

Core Flasks/Explanation:

I have legacy flasks but I don't use them because I feel like they are broken, also I am still able to keep perma charged on my flasks if i stay in dmg range with 50 blades running. Even If i don't stay in range for a boss, the uptime is still extremely good, but tbh I think GGG should make it at least a 50% chance on these flasks.

Now Note the Flask Mods. You want Those exact mods on those exact flasks. Granite is used early game; in late game, the granite is to be replaced with amyth/sapphire flask.
You want the bleeding on the HP flask and the Dousing on the Mana flask!!!.
The other 3 suffixes you can mix but I go with shock on the topaz cuz it fits the theme, like generally you will be shocked from lightning dmg, so it goes well together instead of having to use 2 flasks to counter 1 dmg type. Warding Goes on the Ruby to remove detrimental curses such as silence&vuln and goes great together in countering the righteous fire degen. And Lastly don't leave home without the anti-freeze on your last flask becuase who knows when that abbaxoth will randomly spawn in your beyond map!

With A Amys flask + chaos res glove/Belt/Ring you can achieve 75% chaos res in Merc without the use of chaos res jewel, so you will also be good in the chaos department.

Lastly, for your endgame, you should not use granite because, you will have immortal call up pretty much all the time. The only HArd physical hit that is going to get you is a one shot such as dom slam in maps, and those hits which can 1 shot you will still 1 shot you anyways with a granite on, so late game it is pretty worthless for this build. I use amy flask pretty much on all map runs, only time i swap it off for sapphire is if there is like double mervil, increased boss speed, -max, etc for the safety. For special bosses such as aztrizi it can also be good to have 1 extra ruby flask readied. so you can keep recharged much easier.

6L Chest --> 21/20 Blade vortex - Increased Crit Dmg - 21/20 Poison - 20/23 or 20/22 Increased aoe (Can swap in 21/20 Concentrated Aoe) - Faster Casting - 21/20 Spell Echo

Now The reason why you want a 20/23 Increased Aoe is because end game u get another 1% increased dmg, where as the 1% increased aoe does not add anything (Blade Vortex has a radius of 14, and will still round down to 25 between having a 21/20 vs a 20/20. However, you can benefit from a 21/20 still, but you would need to wear a carcass jack, but endgame wise belly is better imo becuase of the extra flask recovery and life. As for poison it is a must have gem on this build, it allows you to stroll thru maps with only 6-8 blades active and kill, also the dmg it adds is really noticeable during longer fight like say u have to 1 solo creama boss on 3 player difficulty, there will be no better replacement than a poison gem.

On The Other Hand You can also run increased duration in place of Increased/Conc aoe, you would then need only 3 blue which is much easier to chrome on belly than 4. Increased duration Gem will double dip, increasing both the blade duration and the poison length it applies making poison support even more effective! The down side is it doesn't really add much after you attain max blade stacks, but most of the time you won' be near max stack b/c you'll always be moving on so inc duration gem can overall still be really effective despite already having 90% from the tree.

4L Glove/Helm- lv14 CWDT - Immortal Call - Righteous Fire - Enfeeble

Righteous Fire is a big boost to dmg, it sounds dangerous, but with dousing on the mana flask you can turn it off any time, I even have no problem keeping my hp up PVE in -max + vul maps with RF turned on.

Enfeeble is Good for the reason of lowering enemy crit and is a very good defense against elemental dmg as most ele dmg comes in heavy dps rather than burst dmg

Lastly, You want the CWDT to be lv 14 because any higher than 14 you will start having to take alot more dmg before a proc.

4L Glove/Helm- FlickerStrike - Whirling Blades - Faster attacks - Fortify

Don't worry about accuracy, I guarantee you will be hitting. Flicker adds alot of gap closing speed and fortify reapplication vs bosses, while whirling blades helps get around maps much faster.

3L Cybil -> lv1 CWDT - FireStorm - Increased duration
the firestorm procs will give you an immense amount of healing when taking sustained damage from other sources, this is an especially good counter vs elemental dmg.

3L Other Cybil -> Blood Rage - Rallying Cry - Random Gem (Ie flamedash to get around gaps etc)

My Current Gear:

The Ideal Mods for the ring is going to be a coral ring with Life/Mana/AS(or Accuracy) Prefixes + All RES/ChaosRes/35+DEX.
I am also going to need a chaos res belt, but i don't have the currency; To color the belly with 2Green 4 blue, you want to roll with the 1Blue Vorici Option and it will cost you around 1.8k Chromes (TY to the vorici chrome calculator), mines took about 1.6k chromes.

With better gear & jewels I can achieve close to 6k hp, adding in MoM, that is about 7.8k hp worth of single burst tanking ability, which is really not bad.

Boss Fight Compilations/Tips:

Vid One: https://youtu.be/4Q5OEsQb0mo
Order of recording was cut&pasted backwards, but i think the last recordings were more interesting so i oput them first in the vid. I didn't think of it earlier, or I would've used a lv 1 BC in the other map recording as well. but you can get a pretty good sense of jsut how tanky this build is from the creama/torture chamber tanking. As for physical dmg bosses like Malformation piety/orchard, you can see that it really doesn't matter so long as the dmg can't 1 shot you and you stay in range to LGoH.

As for Apex: The trio order is always Dual Striker --> Cycloner --> Tentacles. Don't go ham until the dual striker dies, you want to bait his fire thorns, and go in after it wears off, repeat until he dies, then you can facetank everything else as, they are all physical dmg. Tentacle woman does nothing to this build as the last one alive still cuz you can't get stunned and she cannot 1 shot you. Lastly for the queen, you want to dodge big flameblasts and storm calls, you can tank everything else.

Last comments: I have limited amount of maps, did what i had, so if mods weren't difficult enough for you well..w/e. I'm currently trying to upgrade gem/jewels/equip, but once that's done I can buy maps like the core, mortal set, etc. I'm currently still leveling righteous fire trying to get a 23 qual, so this video doesn't show the RF activating, but you can see that the dmg is still fine even without it.
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Updated current gear, intro description; added boss compilation.
Updated Gem Link Setup. Took off wither b/c didn't realize it didn't work with cwdt, but thanks to that, added in flicker strike allowing for better fortify reapplication vs bosses and even faster gap closing in maps.

Update 1/20/16
Project Onhold. Accidentally vendored my 6L belly while swapping on tabs for some gorge alternate link tests. So don't really feel like playin for a while. But this build I can garentee you will bring you to lv 100 easy, cuz you clear really fast and don't die.
Average gorge runs 3 min 20 sec. Isn't by far the fastest, but still really good clear time for how tanky this build is.
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