2.1 Phys Barrage CoC

2.1 Talisman SC


Bladefall + Arc gorge clear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StB5XafQ25M
GMP Bladefall Jungle Valley: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEdKBblieu0
GMP Bladefall Torture Chamber: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhRqc4lvw5Y

Current Gear

Perfect Gear to aim for

Head- EV / hybrid ev / Life / Accuracy / 2xResists

Chest- Tabula for cheap, 6L belly of the beast for HC / 6L Volls for max dps.

Weapon- Spell damage / Hybrid spell damage / x-x dmg to spells / crit chance (10.5%+) / crit multi / attack speed(dependent on which cap you want to hit).

Shield- Defensive ev shield: ev / hybrid ev / life / resists.
Offensive Es shield: %Spell damage / Life / Spell crit for spells / 2x Resists.

Gloves - Defensive gloves: Attack speed / life / accuracy / 2xres.
Offensive gloves: Maligaros if not crit capped. Facebreakers if crit capped for that juicy multiplier.

Boots - Ev / ev hybrid / life / move speed / 2x res

Belt - Defensive belt: Leather belt with life / 3xres (Armour on belt wont give much due to acrobatics)
Offensive belt: Rustic Sash with life / 3xres
Another option: Doryani's Invitation with a %physical damage roll.

Amulet: Lots of options here with talismans out. Life / Spell Damage / Crit chance / Crit multi / Resists / Accuracy.

Rings - Diamond rings with mandatory life / accuracy. Resists if you can afford it, itll make your jewels easier to get.


Jewels should be used to cap resists / %life. If you can get attack speed if you need to get closer to the <3 or <4.5 caps explained later on. If you don't need attack speed, life + resists + spell damage.

Physical Reflect?

Okay so for phys reflect it's a little rough.
Things to do:
Switch out arc or EK (depending on your links) for a phys->lightning gem
Keep your granite flask + Atziri's promise + if youre lucky a taste of hate flask up as much as possible, and ALWAYS when you shoot into a big pack of mobs.
Don't run blood rage if you're not comfortable keeping your hp up with a life flask. If you're even at half hp and shoot into a crowd it could kill you.
Run a Cast When Damage Taken setup. CWDT + Immortal call + Molten Shell + Warlords Mark. It will save you.

Current Stats

6 charges / 5 frenzy charges / blood rage

6 charges / 5 frenzy charges / blood rage + Atizirs Promise

Attack Speed Explanation

For using barrage alone you want your attack speed (with frenzy charges / blood rage if you're using) to be either <3 or <4.5 attacks per second. This is the sweet spot for non gmp barrage.
Note: if you even hit these caps or go slightly over it'll hinder your dps as procs wont be allowed to go off due to the .05 CD on cast on critical strike. You want to be just under these caps, I'm currently at 2.94 attacks/second.

Gem Setup:
Barrage and KB can be switched if that's your preference. Prepare for more mana costs with KB though.
Tabula or Belly of the Beast for HC Setup:

2)Cast on Critical Strike
3)Bladefall (Main Damage Source)
4)Life Leech
5)Power Charge on Crit
6)Arc or EK (Shock or more upfront damage)

Volls Protector

1) Barrage
2)Cast on Critical Strike
3)Bladefall (Main Damage Source)
4)Arc / Ethereal Knives (Shock or more upfront damage)
5)Life Leech

6)Ethereal Knives / Arc (Shock or more upfront damage)

Passive Tree

Current estimated dps
(Thanks to terrornoid for this)
When I say estimated it's because its nearly impossible to actually calculate a real number for CoC, this dps would be if a large target (so the spread of barrage all hit him) was standing still and I got to barrage without moving. Also it is not calculating armor / resists / any other modifiers. I've also double checked with a secondary calculator and the dps was very close to eachother.


Why Barrage over KB or Cyclone?
I personally feel barrage is more consistent than KB on single target as well as no mana issues / easier to gear for without having to get mana on hit with jewels or the passives tree. KB is much better in large packs but again I feel that barrage clears well enough. I used cyclone leveling up but I didn't like having to get so close with minimal defenses in the build. The reason you see me up close when speed running is just a faster playstyle of the build. On tougher maps I'd play further back.

How to level?
Self cast ek is pretty decent for leveling since you grab a lot of phys and life early on in the shadow tree. Once you get a 4L and a wand with decent crit(10%+) you can switch over to Barrage Pcoc CoC Bladefall if you have some crit in the tree by then. If you want to be cheesy grab flametotem at low levels with firestorm and switch to flameblast at level 28. Volls protectors are cheap so 4Ling one is another route but getting 3 greens will be tough on the chromatics early on.

Why Arc?
For the shock stack! Since you're spells have a high crit chance along with cast on critical strike proccing so often, most mobs will be shocked for that 50% damage buff. It's better than running GMP because while GMP adds more projectiles which can mean more procs, it hurts the damage of EK. Arc out classes GMP by adding a shock stack, killing off low hp mobs that are out of range of bladefall and EK sometimes, and it's own damage even if it's lower since we're more physical based.
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Hey mandrix, really liking your build. I was wondering if you knew the sweet spot for GMP'd barrage? I just got a pair of skyforths and I am thinking about dropping my PCoC gem and putting in GMP.
Ah sorry I have been mia from path for awhile, but with GMP it is 2.2 / 4.4 / 6.6 aps for CoC and lmp is 1.5 / 3 / 4.5 aps. Math can be found thanks to https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1114453 under the "weapon" tab.
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