[2.1] Breath Of A Dying King : Chaos Flame Blaster!

Breath Of A Dying King CFB Build Guide

Twitch http://www.twitch.tv/liger_zero_live Twitch

12-17-15 : Made Build Guide
12-20-15 : We redid the Tree to gain more Int from traveling instead of having to get Int on Gear. Also Dropped a bit of life to gain access to more Cast speed nodes.
12-20-15 : Also added Utility 4 setup.
12-21-15 : Updated Talisman Gear
12-23-15 : Added MF Gear to build because Life Regn too Opie!

Talisman Log
Current gear As of 12/21/15

Current Tree : http://tinyurl.com/qydjpqn

Are you tired of playing all the meta builds?

Do you want to have 8 Links?

Do you miss Elemental Proliferation?

Do you like Chaos Damage?

If you Answered Yes to any of these than this is the Build for You!

Concept of CFB
To start there are 3 Key items for this build.

The Idea of converting 100% of your Fire damage into Pure Chaos Damage! This is not a new Concept but was Theory Crafted when the The Consuming Dark Dagger was released. This made it possible to convert 100% of your Fire into Chaos! With The Consuming Dark Dagger's second effect which causes your Chaos Damage to Poison Enemies. This means Free

Now with Bino's Kitchen Knife only being used with melee skills due to the fact that spells could not Poison Enemies. Now that any Fire Skill will deal Chaos Damage and Poison Enemies, it synergize with Binos double effect. The first effect is " On killing a Poisoned enemy, nearby enemies are Poisoned. " This mean Free

The second effect is " On killing a Poisoned enemy, Nearby allies Regenerate Life. "

This means you gain a Massive amount of Life regen from the Damage you deal from your Spells.

So why choose Flame Blast? It is a Ranged Fire Spell with a High Multiplier.

This Build can either be Blood magic, Hybrid Life/ES, and CI. We currently choose BM for the High amount of life pool and life regen so that we can sustain RF. Thus we have Blood Dance boots and Frenzy charges to help with the Damage and life regen we gain.

Skills & Supports
6L :

Can Swap Faster Casting for Added Chaos for 6L

CWDT Main Setup :

Utility Setup 1 :

Utility Setup 2 :

Enhance is not needed. Just RF gem
Utility Setup 3 :

Utility Setup 4 :

Aura Setup (optional) :



Normal : Can help Oak for +40 life or roll +1 point for DPS.
Cruel : Kill all for +1 point or Help Alira for +cast speed.
Merciless : Help Kraityn for +1 Frenzy

Passive Tree
All these are subjected to change for optimization.
BM V.2[Newest]http://tinyurl.com/jspqdvn
BM V.1http://tinyurl.com/p2tdxo8
Hybrid V.1http://tinyurl.com/qdoqmqs

This is not my Video but a reference to the build. Will Record Game play in Tailsman League when we reLevel.

Feel Free to Theory Craft and optimize for this build and let me know in the comments.

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looks really nice :) making this on talisman
I wonder if GGG will nerf Bino poison prolif too, with them hating proliferation of any kind, like they made Ele Prolif gem unusable.
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When is it a good time to grab Blood magic?
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any updates on this? New vids or new gear / tree?

What about a MF variant, how is it going?
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I think he died, or respecced his character to CoC

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