[2.1 Talisman] Lightning Templar HC

Hey guys, I am working on creating a build for the Talisman league

Seeing as all the lightning skills are getting buffed in the patch, I want to create a build using one of them (Arc, Ball lightning, Shock Nova)

As mentioned in the title, I play HC, so the build is probably heavier on defenses than most softcore builds but I'm okay with that.

The trees I've come up with so far are below. Obviously for Shock Nova i'd have to switch it up and grab the increased AOE node in templar and witch areas


Non Crit

Non Crit version might work as well. I would swap poacher mark or elemental weakness for assassin's mark. My only concern with non crit would be the freezing aspect. Could utilize the new controlled destruction gem as well

I really like the idea of a call of the brotherhood ring and plan on getting one for freeze/chill, which is why in my tree I take the storm weaver cluster

I plan on using daggers for crit/spell damage so I can run WB/Fortify/Faster attacks combo for my movement spell

Bandits I would probably go Oak - Point / Cast speed maybe? - Oak (extra endurance charge, again HC) but any extra charge would be fine or a skill point

Main Spell Links

Arc - Spell Echo - Faster Casting - Life Leech - Hypothermia - Inc critical

Ball Lightning - Spell Echo - Slower Projectiles - Hypothermia - Faster Casting - Inc critical

Shock Nova - Spell Echo - Hypothermia - Faster Casting - Inc Aoe - Inc critical

I'm honestly not 100% sure what the best gem setup for the main skills would be, any feedback would be great. I think lightning penetration would be a waste since it's only 50% of our damage, I would probably opt for cold penetration for more freezing if I used a penetration gem

I'm thinking Hypothermia should be a big damage boost given the fact I plan on using CoTB

Other Gems/Links

CWDT (L1) - Frost Wall (L10) - Enfeeble - Temporal Chains (whatever highest level for CWDT L1 to proc, I forget for the curses)

CWDT (L20) - Immortal Call // Arctic Armor

Herald of Thunder - COH - Assassins Mark - Warlords Mark

Herald of Ice - Ice Bite - Innervate - Item Rarity/Culling Strike/Hypothermia/Inc Aoe?

I'm not entirely sure about the links on HoI, but I like the on kill effect of frozen enemies

I'm thinking scaling Herald of Ice with support gems will really help my clear speed with the explosions, I'll have to see about the mana reservation though. I could run just HoI with Ice bite (for frenzy charges) and run a clarity/blood magic setup if my mana sustain is poor. There's a lot of options here

My idea for the build is automatic curses and charges via low level CWDT (for safety) and Herald of Ice COH (to produce endurance/power charges)

I'd really like some feedback from the PoE community. Does this build appear to be viable? I'm somewhat concerned about single target DPS for bosses.

Keep in mind that this build is for talisman so any really high end gear recommendations may not be realistic

Thanks again for viewing and your feedback!

Last edited by Kulika23 on Dec 11, 2015, 12:17:50 AM
I try your build, it seems cool!

can you show eq?:)

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