[2.0.5] Armour Ice Shot with Lioneye's Glare & Lioneye's Fall

Armour Ice Shot with Lioneye's Glare & Lioneye's Fall

My gear:

Current passive tree: http://tinyurl.com/jdx33vw

Lvl 100: http://tinyurl.com/zlmmukw (Duelist would be a bit better at high levels)

Quite tanky, chilled ground + Temporal Chains on hit, decent clear speed, fairly cheap, very cheap to start, archers are fun. Lioneye's Glare is super cheap at the moment and great for this build.

Sinle target damage. Is not incinerate. Sixth link is important, but Tabula Rasa is ok, since Grace provides a lot of armour. Losing my chest would leave me with 12 283 armour.

Lvl 87 (ripped at 86 during Tempest leauge)

5523 hp. 17549 armour without flasks. 6 endurance charges

I use Asenath's Gentle Touch. Temp Chains + Chilled ground on hit is extremely powerful.

Ice Shot – Greater Multiple Projectiles – Chain – Blood Magic – Hypothermia – Physical Projectile Attack Damage

DPS with Frenzy Charges: 12 091. +Atziri flask → 15 029. (Hypothermia included)

Since the sixth link, PPAD is quite a big damage boost, if one would make this build and only afford a 5-link, I think Split Arrow might be superior. Split Arrow's 6th link is Faster Attacks, thus when the sixth link is added, Ice Shot catches up. With Split + Chain I have 16k dps instead of 15k. The AoE and chilled ground makes Ice Shot far superior.

Single target: Ice Shot – Blood Magic – Hypothermia – PPAD – Weapon Elemental Damage (6th one would be Added Fire)

DPS with Frenzy Charges: 32 726. +Atziri flask →39 909. (Hypothermia included)

There is a lot of room for improvement. My gems are missing a few levels and a lot of quality (I only have a total of 9% in main links). My gear and jewels are mediocre.

If you stumble across this post in the future, this was written 2.12.2015. Awakenking had been released, but not Ascendancy yet. Talisman challenge leauges are about to start.

Thanks for reading!
I live in Finland. =)
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Hi, a friend showed me this since he likes your idea^^
nice use of the bow and tanky bow users are rather rare.

i just wanted to say, that you can obtain curse on hit temp chains with a corruption on gloves, so maybe there is also a quite nice place for you to improve?
though i guess getting these colors would be a pain.
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Hi, El_Grappadura!

You can indeed corrupt Temp Chains lvl 10-12 on hit to any gloves. I'm not sure what lvl Azenath's Temp Chains is. I don't imagine getting the right colous with Vorichi to be that much of a pain. Getting the right corruption on the other hand...

Better yet, you can corrupt Elemental Weakness (lvl 10-12 as well) on hit on Azenath's and wear a +1 to curses item. Since most of this builds damage is elemental, it would be a huge increase in damage! Here is a list of all the corruptions: http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Vaal_Orb
I live in Finland. =)
Azenath´s temp chains is level 1^^
the dual curse is an argument, but its quite tricky to get a decent extra curse amulet. doedres damning seems to be the cheapest alternative for an exta curse. windscream maybe with a movement skill.

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