Seraphilythe's CI SRS build 2.0

Yes...yet another SRS build like the millions out there. Only making this because people asked me to. I actually like this because I feel CI is one of those setups that SRS/summoners hardly ever use. I started off this build intending it to be a Shavs/low-life build and I decided to try switching it to CI and I enjoy it a lot more. The ES pool is higher and the immunity to chaos is something I didn't expect to like so much. You also don't need to take Arcane vision which gives you 3 passive points to put elsewhere.

I made this build with the intention of making Animate guardian viable for difficult content. I've even taken him to Uber Atziri and he can tank a flameblast. You still can't be completely reckless with him if you don't have the damage to protect him or the gear, but I almost always ignore him and he hasn't died since I made this setup.

So....You can do this with Scion or Witch. Scion is slightly more efficient but Witch will work fine.

Passive tree at lvl 70 Scion:

Passive tree at lvl 90 Scion: (Notice the minion life regen node near Death Attunement)

Complete Scion tree:


Passive tree at lvl 70 Witch:

Passive tree at lvl 90 Witch: (Again, notice minion regen)

Complete Witch tree:

Notice that Witch and Scion are both pretty close, but Scion will have more cast speed by 12% whereas Witch will have a bit more mana regeneration and ES Assuming same gear and jewels.

Current gear for my build:

Yes I prefer +3 staff over Pledge. The cast speed is better and as far as I've been able to calculate (with Matrixfactor's srs calculator), I've not been able to surpass the damage with a pledge in any way.

Gem setup:

SRS + Spell Echo + Minion Damage + Empower (lvl4) + Melee Physical Damage + Melee Damage on Full Life (Switch last gem for Melee Splash for AOE)
Clarity + Haste + Discipline + Vaal Grace (Can replace Vaal Grace for another Vaal Haste for Atziri)
Animate Guardian + Empower + Minion Life
Hatred + Generosity + Enlighten
Increased Duration + Phase Run + Vaal Haste + Vaal Discipline (Can replace Phase run for another Vaal haste for Atziri)
Spell Totem + Arc
Flesh Offering


If I decide not to use Animate guardian for some reason, I replace the life flask with the Ruby flask.

This is what makes the build so strong. You need to get any jewels with the following priority of stats:
1) Minion Damage (Do not use a jewel without this stat)
2) Reduced Mana Cost of Skills (Up to a point you can cast sustainably)
3) Cast speed

Other stats that might be useful if you can't get the perfect combination of stats:
Mana regeneration, Energy Shield, STR/DEX/INT, Resist, Increased Mana


Ghazzy did a great job explaining the mechanics of the SRS build in detail; Interactions between Elemental Equilibrium, Arc totem, usage of Flesh offering/desecrate etc. So I won't go through that here. Just an alternative setup with the same mechanics. I felt that CI setup is a very nice defensive setup while leveling and you can easily choose to switch it back to a Shavs build using Anger. I feel that Shavs build can't make Animate guardian a permanent fixture in the build because of the lack of gem slots available. Just my prediction. So I treated this CI build as a powerhouse that uses the Guardian to compensate for Anger.

Feel free to message me with any questions.
hey thx for the guide, what are the bandits? kraiten, skill, skill?
hypox2 wrote:
hey thx for the guide, what are the bandits? kraiten, skill, skill?

I chose to kill all bandits. None of them seem worth it. Alira might be ok for the 5% cast speed, but the only point I'd give up to do that is Elemental dominion, and I kind of like having the 20 INT instead of 1% cast speed, so I chose to kill all bandits.

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