Bonage Bino's Flicker Strike (2.0)-Hit Hard, Hit Fast

Hey guys, this is Bonage here with a guide to my Bino's flicker strike build. The goal of this build is to use the incredibly fun flicker strike skill. Many people say the changes to blood rage have made flicker dead, but with this build, sustaining frenzy charges isn't a problem.

-Hits very hard
-the regen from bino's is amazing
-able to clear maps very quickly
-IR makes gearing a little easier and less RNG reliant
-feel like a ninja
-overall incredibly fun build
-requires some expensive gearing
-can give certain people headaches
-not the absolute best build out there
-leveling as flicker is not possible (not enough frenzy charges/crit/supports)
-is squishy without decent gear

Skill tree:

Here is a skill tree all the way up to 100(though I don't expect most people to take this build that far). Other options include taking vaal pact and getting leech on gear (though you miss out on bino's regen so wouldn't reccomend), or getting some mana leech down by duelist area, as well as swapping out some nodes for more jewel slots, since this tree doesn't have a ton.


Rings:Life/Resists/crit chance/crit multiplier/mana leech/flat phys
Amulets:Same as rings, but I was able to fit more offensive stats here, and went primarily defensive with rings. Preferably on an agate base
Belts:Rustic sash with life and resistances, weapon ele and flask effect are good too
Gloves:Life/res/manaleech/accuracy/crit chance/crit multi. Maligaro's are also an option if your other gear is awesome
Shield:Life/res/eva/armor. Daresso's Courage is a good one until you can find a good rare

I use an abyssus for the HUGE dps boost provided with the large flat phys and large crit multi. This gives us more one shot potential and makes us less likely to lose charges. Blood dance boots are mandatory (we are not using ice bite) in order to sustain charges along with blood rage. I use a lightning coil because with IR it gives a good amount of armor and some life on top of the ridiculous phys mitigation, even better if you can afford a taste of hate. And of course, bino's is mandatory for the build. Its truly the best crit dagger there is outside of a GG rare, and the regen we get helps sustain blood rage and makes us that much stronger. Some good unique flasks to use include atziri's promise and taste of hate.

Helm: CWDT-Enduring Cry-Immortal Call-Tempest Shield; this is our Oh shit setup, though this can be changed depending on preference. Self cast enduring cry, and replace with increased duration if you have extra slots.
Chest: Flicker Strike-Fortify-Added Fire-Multistrike-Melee Splash-Increased Crit Damage (6L); Tons of damage and survivability with fortify
Dagger: Herald of Ash-Hatred-Enlighten; having auras connected to enlighten is very useful to sustain mana
Shield: Summon Ice Golem-Blood Rage-Vaal Haste; our utility skills. Ice brolem is a nice DPS boost, blood rage for frenzy charges, and vaal haste for a huge DPS boost.
Gloves: Whirling Blades-Faster Attacks-Curse on Hit-Assasin's Mark; this is a great way to get power charges, since we aren't using a ton.
Boots: Frenzy-Multistrike-Melee Phys-Added Fire; A good way to initially gain frenzy charges (or regain them if RNG is being mean) as well as provide decent single target.

When I was making this build, I decided to do reave with mightflay. If I could do it again, I would choose to go plain old firestorm flame totem, and would suggest you do the same. Grab some ele damage from the tree (starting shadow area), and grab a decent +fire gems wand/scepter. After that just spec into your normal part of the tree and your leveling experience will be much smoother and quicker than mine.

Normal-Oak We want the extra life, and none of the others outside skill point are that great.

Cruel-Kraityn With the physical damage from Oak being reduced, Kraityn just seems better to me. The extra attack speed synergizes well with the more attack speed of flicker and the bonus from frenzy charges.

Merciless-Kraityn This is a no brainer. The +1 frenzy charges is critical unless you have a +1 frenzy corrupted blood dance, then I might go +1 power charges.
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hey - which shield U are using? why no dual wield - 2xBino?
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