[2.0] Oro's Jewel Strike

As someone who has played a few variations Oro's Flicker Strike since a week after the weapon was released, I can say from experience that since 2.0 the build is in it's best state yet.

What I'd like to bring up in this build is what jewels now bring to the table:
1) Damage (any, valid types: melee/fire/all)
2) Attack Speed (any, valid types: two-handed/swords/all/hybrid)
3) Maximum Life (any)
X) Mana Cost Reduction (X)
X+2) Ignite Chance (X%)
X+3) Flat Mana Gain on Hit (X)
...and all without having to travel halfway across the tree.

Here's a simple way to evaluate a good jewel for this build:
For all the stats mentioned above, add up the total point values on the left.
If the resulting value is over 10 then you're good to go.

Breakdown of ignite chance:
Items: 20% (Oro's only)
Tree: 15%
Jewels: 0-21%
Total: 35-56%
I'm currently at 47%, and even with just that I can consistently keep max charges against single-target bosses. Add in Blood Rage, Melee Splash, and Vengeance (for the extra proc), and suddenly you can get to max charges within a second or two against packs.

Mana calculation:
FS mana/sec = ([displayed cost] - 3*[total mana on hit])*[attacks per second]/3

Dps calculations (based on screenshots, [] = with penetration):
Unbuffed = 2967.5 * 6.17 = 18,309 [25,267]
Buffed = 3794.5 * 9.90 = 37,565 [51,840]
Buffed+Onslaught = 3794.5 * 10.64 = 40,373 [55,715]
Switching either Life Leech or Melee Splash (or getting a 6L) and adding WED drastically increases these numbers.

4L = Flicker Strike + Multistrike + Life Leech + Melee Splash
5L = 4L + Fire Penetration*
6L = 5L + Weapon Elemental Damage
*I'm rating Fire Pen higher than WED because dealing with fire resistance with no penetration is simply too annoying. WED is better while the enemy has less than about 40% resistance, after which Fire Pen is ahead. Purely based on preference though.

Oak, Kraityn, Kraityn

2.0 Changes

1) Oro's Sacrifice - Base attack speed has been increased.
2) Flicker Strike -
---a) Now has base damage scale per level.
---b) Quality now increases all damage.
---c) Desync no longer kills it.
3) Frenzy Charges - 4% MORE damage adds up to quite a lot.
4) Multistrike/Melee Splash - Lower less damage mods.

1) Elemental Proliferation - The less damage has made it a subpar choice when compared to melee splash.
2) Multistrike - Lower more attack speed mod.

1) Arctic Armour - With the nerfs to reflect, AA's old flat damage reduction is no longer a necessity, but you are no longer invulnerable to small hits.
2) Flicker Strike - New 20% more attack speed mod amplifies all other sources of attack speed, but at level 20, the gem no longer gives 5% extra attack speed per frenzy charge.


Recommended Uniques:
Boots: More damage, more defense...it's perfect for this build.
Body: Daresso's Defiance (you don't get hit much, plus it provides great damage when you do)

My Gear

(from my character "Firemon")

Stats to aim for:
* 30+ fire damage with weapons on belt/jewelry.
* A decent amount of mana regeneration to support Flicker Strike.



Damage: Unbuffed

Damage: Buffed

Damage: Buffed+Onslaught

Defense: Buffed

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Hi. How would you level this build? I have an oros, a daresso chest, and darkray boots so I think I could get started on this... I miss flicker strike.
Hi. How would you level this build? I have an oros, a daresso chest, and darkray boots so I think I could get started on this... I miss flicker strike.

I leveled it with PotCG, but I imagine flame totem will work just as well.
Just make sure to pick something to level with that will not require you to do too major of a respect.
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What Bandits did u take?
What Bandits did u take?

Oak, Kraityn, Kraityn
Really nice idea to make an oro's build with daresso's defiance and darkray boots combined with these jewels^^

I've also played an oro's build these past days and I ripped to a stupid mistake in tempest league.
After that I wanted to see how others designed their oro's... But most people went for burn prolif builds, which are kinda outdated and not viable atm.

Here is mine:
twitch.tv/Aramanser http://tinyurl.com/lcsl6ym Flicker CoMK Discharger Legacy
http://tinyurl.com/poen6mv Crit Fireballer Guide Warbands
http://tinyurl.com/ne2ar32 Aura Bot Warbands
http://tinyurl.com/p3e5zuz Crit Trapper 1 Month Fb HC
http://tinyurl.com/o7xlt2u Crit Staff Guide Domination
your damage is waaaaaaaay too low.
you need 20k each hit minimum.
Heroofexile wrote:
your damage is waaaaaaaay too low.
you need 20k each hit minimum.

Alright...and what DPS do you consider to be "good" on a 4/5L?
Will this thread be updated for 2.1? Have you taken in consideration what the blasphemy gem could actually give us?

Thanks in advance.

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