TrytoReaves Hybrid Reave Build 88k dps tanky(tempest lvl 97)!

Hey Guys,

here i want to share my hybrid Reave Build with you. The idea of this specc is to play with melee damage on Full Life to get an extremly high dps boost!

-extremly fast Movement from Whirling Blades
-really fast Clearspeed
-good DPS
-can facetank nearly every boss

-need a Gemini Claw or Mana gain on Hit to clear no regen maps effeciently

my offensive and defensive stats atm:

offensive stats are with frenzy and power charges
denesive stats are with endurance charges

As u can see i got about 8k life/es pool and also lots of armour evasion and block so we kinda use every defense in the game and are pretty tanky overall with that.

Passive Tree:

Current Gear:

Passive Tree:

We taking pretty much every increase shield defense nodes so the most important thing is to get a shield with high armour and es cause thats one of ur main defense you get i get like 58xx armour and 2400es from the shield so u dont need life on the shield just high armour and es rolls!

We also take Ghost Reaver to take good use of Melee Damage on Full life gem!

essential Links for this Build:
6L:Reave-Faster Attacks- Multistrike-Melee Damage on Full Life-Melee Physical Damage-Fortify
3L:Curse on Hit-Assassin's Mark-Herald of Ice
3L:Whirling Blades-Faster Attacks-Bloodmagic
1L:Vaal Reave
3L:Blood Magic-Enduring Cry-Enfeeble(for hardhit bosses)

so this is pretty much all we need so we still got much room to take in Vaal Haste+increased Duration or something else.
As Auras you run Herald of Ice and Hatred, Herald of Ice mainly for triggering Assassin's Mark.
When you play with a Curser in Party you can swap out Herald of Ice to Herald of Ash to gain even more DPS.

coming soon:more in depth guide with gearing and alternative gear, video of mapping.
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Pretty freaking Genius to use Gemini claws life gain on hit mod to make up for the Ghost reaver node. Also if you get GG ar/es helm and gloves/boots, your ES WILL spike.

Hey mate. Looks really neat. Once I hit 100 in warbands I will give this a go for sure! Could you link your jewels as well :)?

Also could you share some insight into: Bandits (40 hp, ias / phys dmg / kill all and kill all?).

Also: Why is Vaal Reave needed (or good at all) :)? To me it looks rather weak, but I know nothing about melee :)

Is armor really any good in such low amounts? Even with Lighting Coil? I was under the impression that low amounts of armor isn't really that good.

Endurance charges / frenzy charges / power charges ? You are right next all kinds of charges. Wouldn't it be worth it to invest into endurance / frenzy / power charges?

And flask setup :D? Taste of hatred I assume + instant heal with removal of bleeding and 3 x resistance potions. Jade?

And last question: Which key do you use for reave? I would assume you bind whirling blades on right mouse and q for reave. I know its up to own personal preference, but any insight you could share would be appreciated :)
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One of the coolest if not the coolest ranger/duelist/shadow build i ever see on this forum.
I cant wait to give a try. BotW incoming
I too am going to give this a try. I've leveled an incinerator and cycloner up to 78 and 72 in WB. This one looks like a nice departure. Thanks for posting! Never done a reave build before :)

Edit: OP, I know you mentioned you'd update with more details, but before you do, just curious how your leveling went.. did you level with Reave or switch into it at later levels?
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Last update was about one week ago. I don't think he will update this guide agan.

btw. someone know how he get frenzy charge?
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Wow, this looks nice. Will there be a low-life/Pure-ES version?
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what happens if you are doing a chaos map?
Artec1990 wrote:
what happens if you are doing a chaos map?

He's got 5.4k HP...
Im lvl 73 with slight modification in tree (drop eva and take IR). Atm im doing lvl 69 maps. Got only 4.1k HP, 1.3k ES and it's going gr8.
Character name DCwhenDMGtaken.

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