[2.0] Rely's Ghost Vacuum

This guide is heavily based on Ghudda's unreleased Cyclone character with Empire's Grasp.
It was made with the help of MollariGaming.

This build was created to drag mobs into Torment ghosts using the Torment map mod available from Zana for 8 Chaos. I run the build with MollariGaming as the culler and there are streams available of us successfully ghosting entire maps. With a culler, every ghosted mob is important, even white mobs, so we do no damage.

My Tree

As you can see, the tree focuses mainly on life and armour nodes with enough jewel sockets to get 100% knockback. If you don't have a 20/20 knockback gem you may need another 1 or 2 jewel sockets.

We also get Ancestral Bond, which is the most important part of the build and the main thing that sets it apart. With life gain on hit you are able to maintain full life without life leech.

My Current Tree (Shadow)

The only character I was able to respec was a Shadow, so this is basically the same tree with connecting nodes to the shadow start.

My Gear

Current Gear

You need a Gemini claw base for the Life and Mana gained on hit so you can sustain your cyclone
All you need on is attack speed and weapon range. Any damage is pointless, anything else is extra. Just remember you can't leech.

These make the build work, reverse knockback OP!

This is where things get a bit weird, I use an Ambu's with CWDT immortal call. this works because you have hundreds of mobs on you at a time, all with a chance to crit. I gain 6 endurance charges in less than a second when everything is in my cyclone.

I use Kaom's Roots to free up the points for Unwavering Stance. They also give a ton of life, making it harder to one shot you, which is basically the only way you can die.

The rest of the gear is just life and resists, nothing too special on those.

You want avengers on your flasks for the same reason you want the Ambu's Charge.

Gems & Links

Main Link - In order of importance.
Cyclone[1/20]-Knockback[20/20]-LGoH[20/20]-Faster Attacks[20/20]-Fortify[20/0]-Increased Area[20/0]

Supporting Links
CWDT-Immortal Call-Increased Duration-Determination(If in a 4 link)

Whirling Blades-Faster Attacks-Portal

Vengence-Curse on Hit-Enfeeble

Vaal Cyclone-LGoH-Increased Area (Not 100% sure on this one, I hardly use it)

The supporting links aren't really that important other than the CWDT, you can switch it out for

This isn't extremely important unless you're playing with a group. Solo you can do just about anything and not die, you just want to avoid running into walls or rocks. In a group you need to avoid bringing the mobs over other players, generally they will instantly die. This means you must be aware of where they are and cyclone close to yourself so you can switch directions quickly if they move near you. Your play is extremely important in groups, your group will hate you if you kill them.
Thank you for sharing this. The Scion variation looks great. =D
August 23: Build made public.
August 26: Purpose of the build nerfed.
GGG Response time: outstanding.
Player fun level: dropped back to normal low.

Kudos though for this awesome, awesome idea. Was fun while it lasted.
If my post contains typos, blame my phone and my fat fingers.
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Is it nerfed in anyway already?
PalleP wrote:
Is it nerfed in anyway already?

patch 2.0.2c:
Monsters that are touched by Tormented Spirits now have smaller bonuses to item quantity and rarity.
nice build!!
but, why not use Dyadian Dawn and save those nodes to ancestral bond?

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