[2.0] [HC]Shaarq's crit based Ice Shot Dual Totem Guide | forget flame totem | showcase vid

First of all i would like to mention that i want to avoid text of walls in this guide, so let's start.
English isn't my native lanugage.

I started tempest league 1 week ago, thats the actual result, wanna push the build hard in nearly future to get higher map pool sustain and better equip asap.
This build have high endgame potential and scales really well.

I think that it's mandatory to have an good mix of defensive mechanics to stay alive.
It's a BIG mistake to belive that stacking only life will solve all your survival Problems in this game.

feel free to ask questions and leave Feedback for improvements!!!

Idea of the build:

--> break the dominance of flame /incinerate totem builds
--> as tanky as possible
--> decent damage
--> climbing up the Tempest ladder
--> crit - based
--> reflect imune
--> chill / freeze the Screen


--> Acrobatics
--> Phase Acrobatics
--> Ancestral Bond
--> Point Blank

For your Information, iam at the 80's since 2 days, so i haven't nice gear / high maps.
Will be expanded in the next few days / weeks.


Underground sea 72 (18-08)
switched to chain instead of phys proj dmg

Bog 72 Lioneyes (17-08)
i upgraded 2 slots of gear (bow, ring), the clear Speed has doubled. i 2 shot every rare mob / ghost in the map, thats why iam thinking about replace phys attack dmg gem for chain, we will see what Comes next.

Ghetto 70 Chin Sol (16-08) Old

+ nice damage (even now with crap gear)
+ incredible defensive mechanics
(high evasion, acro/phase acro, jade flask, auto chill & freeze, Cwdt + Immortal call/Frost wall and the fact that we are playing a totem build)
+ lots of fun (íf you like playing totem builds)
+ it's not another flame totem build
+ easy to play
+ easy to equip
+ chill / freeze the screen and win the game

- have to level as crit based tornado / split arrow ranger
- don't recommend playing totem Setup under 5 link
- mana sustain (have to use a mana flask atm)

Current gear:

there are 4 options:
1) Chin Sol
i think it's the best choice with mediocre gear and it's also pretty cheap.
the playstyle with totems requires to put them as close as possible to your target to get a amazing damage boost and solve all your single target dmg problems.
The bow also works perfectly with our keystone Point Blank

Downside: low crit chance

2) Lioneye's Glare
I highly recommend this bow for new leagues, the attack speed is amazing and you can add phys projectile dmg or chain instead of faster attacks in a 5L Setup!

Downside: low crit chance

3) Infractem
The big downside of this bow doesn't concern us, because we play a totem build.
But this bow gets his real potential in combination with Drillneck(always pierce) and should be an endgame option.

Downside: low attack speed

4) crafted rare high pdps / crit / attack speed bow
Here you can get insane pdps and additionally high cc and attack speed as well.
You can compensate the weaknesses of the upper 3 bows.
i think a well rolled Harbinger bow should be the best endgame option.


1) Maligaro's Virtuosity
Evasion, Crit, Crit Multiplier, Attack Speed --> Endgame

2) Facebreaker
We want the Crit Multiplier --> Budget version


1) Rat's Nest
Attack Speed, Crit Chance, High Evasion, Movement Speed, Item Rarity --> get it as early as possible

2) Rare Helmet
as required Evasion, Life, Tri Res


1) Drillneck
Amazing in combination with Infractem

2) Rare Quiver
crit Chance, crit multi, life, projectile damage / speed, life, res

i have to check out first if some unique rings make sense for this build, i would be very greatful for some suggestions.

otherwise get rare rings with Atack Speed, initial crit (Diamond Rings), flat phys, life, evasion, res, Accuracy

nice example


Crit Chance, Crit Multi, attack Speed, flat phys ...

for endgame: note that the amulet Slot is one of the most important damage pusher, we want much offensive stats as possible, get defensive stats (life, res, eva,...)on other Slots



In this Slot you get more life than in any other Slot.
Aim for a Leather Belt (up to 40max life)

as required: res, flask recovery, reduced flask charges used


1) Rare Chest
as required: Evasion Evasion Evasion, Life, Res, Stun Revocery

2) Queen of the Forest
Have not tested it, but i think it only make sense if you are running grace Aura.

3) Daresso's Defiance

4) Hyrri's Ire

5) Lightning Coil


we want:
--> instant recovery and removes bleeding on life flasks
--> additional Evasion Rating on Jade flasks
--> increased movement Speed on Quicksilver

Keep up your Jade Flask all the time!


2 Jewels Slots available.

First one is Rain of Splinters
This Jewel is mandatory because with it we don't have to use LMP in gem Setup.

Second Jewel (selffound):
16% Totem Damage
4% Attack Speed
6% max life

the last 2 slots really depends on your current gear.

5 / 6 Link
Ranged Attack Totem > Ice Shot > Physical to Lightning > Weapon Elemental Damage > Faster Attacks / Physical Projectile Attack Damage > Physical Projectile Attack Damage / Faster Attacks / Hypothermia / Chain

4 Link
Curse on Hit - Frenzy - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Temporal Chains

3 Link
Cwdt - Immortal Call - Increased Duration

others (no links needed)
Enduring Cry (selfcast)
Blink Arrow
Ice Golem
Herald of Ash, Hatred

Iam experimenting for other useful links atm, stay tuned.

It's a Long way to go for Ancestral Bond, i think i switched to dual totem Merci A1.
If u want i can add a leveling tree in the level section.

finished build

help oak - kill all - help Kraityn

Level up as a Split Arrow / Chain build, the combination is really powerful also in leveling stages.
if the Feedback is great enough i can add a detailed leveling section how i leveled up in Tempest league.
Last edited by Shaarq on Aug 18, 2015, 3:35:24 PM
- added new video bog (with lioneyes)
- acutalized gear
added new video
Looks very fun, i'm going to give this a try!
really good build maybe i think :) when i get rat's nest i will try soon in 2-3days

can u add leveling section ? hard ? if u can add me and tell me more short about guide leveling
Can add leveling passive tree and tell more about it? :3
Nice build Shaarq, it has inspired me to try and make something similar, though with a Scion instead of Ranger.

I will post my suggested build at a later point, and start experimenting and leveling up an Scion later today.

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