Welcome to my first WTF build! I will be featuring builds that are used by few of the Path of Exile players and which it can solo the story quite easy! I do not recommend those builds in hardcore (even if its Hardcore viable) since those builds still have some weak spots. Without further due, lets begin our Pillar of Caged God build!

What is the Pillar of the Caged God?

This 2H staff/stave is a unique that requires level 13 and 27 strength and 27 dexterity. For each 10 STR, the staff will give you +16% more physical damage. For each 10 DEX, it will give you +1% more attack speed and for 20 INT, it will give you +1% increased area radius of effect. This staff is actually sold for 1c without any links or sockets so this make this build very cheap.

Why is this build good/viable?

Lets compare our staff with some facebreakers. Facebreakers goes for a bonus 600% to 800% more phys. damage while unarmed (or 800% to 1000% for legacy facebreakers). So our staff can give us that 800% more phys. damage with only 500 STR, and normally, you can stack up near to 1200-1300 STR. So if you do the maths, 1920%-2080% more phys. damage in the late game. This is almost 2 times the number of legacy facebreakers. Also,the dexterity gives us more attack speed. In the late game (when I talk about late game, I talk about lvl 80-90) this bonus attack speed will be equal to 20% more attack speed only by our staff bonus! So if you combine some STR and some flat physical damage mods one rings and amulet, you should be able to out damaged facebreakers by a lot. Also, because 2 STR = 1 HP, we can get a big amount of HP pool with this massive strength.

But why is this build non-recommended in hardcore?

This build doesn't get any tankyness from our hands, unlike facebeakers that can use a shield. So our tankyness loss can give us a lot of death and will increase our damage taken by a lot (specially if you decide to use abyssus as helmet). So to counter this lack of tankyness, we will need to get as many hp nodes and armour nodes in the skill tree while taking some good resistance in our gear. There are many useful items for this build (which I will talk about in the next paragraph) but the best gear is the most armour/flat phys. damage/STR/ elemental resistance.


Pillar of Caged God. Enough said.
For your helmet, I recommend using a rare helmet featuring elemental resistance, a good hp rolls (60+) and some strength. I want also to notify the Deidbell unique helmet since the helmet gives some good amount of strength and dexterity while giving out a good amount of armour.
Meginord's Vise Steel Gauntlet unique will give us the most strength and a small amount of physical damage and giving out a small portion of armour. If you feel you need more tankyness, I recommend taking rare gloves with bonus %armour mod, more hp, more strength and a flat physical damage mob.
Currently, Alberon's Warpath is the best possible choice of boots possible. Those boots give a good portion of armour, some chaos damage, some chaos resistance (which come very valuable later on ) and the most important thing +15 to +18% more stremgth. Even tho the bonus skeletons is just crap on our build, the amount of strength those boots give is just.... outrageous.
Facebreaker belt = Pillar of Caged God Belt = Meginord's Girdle. A lot of strength, some flat phys. damage , more hp, some flask recovery and cold resistance. What could beat this op belt?
There are two viable option for this build. I am using a Belly of the beast, which give me armour, evasion, elemental resistance, flask recovery and a very good amount of hp. By getting our 1200 STR, we gain 600 hp without counting all the hp mods we get in the rest of our gear. So by getting 35% to 40% more hp in our build is very good. The second option is the Kaom's Heart. This chestplate that gives 500 more hp and more fire damage will give us a massive amount of hp and armour while boosting our fire damage (if you chooses to go fire melee gem). The only problem is that Kaom's Heart is not that cheap as Belly and it doesn't give any sockets for our gems but it still is a very good chestplate.
Those are one of the most important things in our build. Those items need to have very high STR and DEX rolls while having a flat phys. damage and a high hp mod on it. The base of the ring is needed to complete what you need in your build (mine was elemental resistance) to get the maximum value of those rings.
Any melee gems are actually viable for this build but in my opinion, cyclone and ice crash (well ice crash is just broken) are the best since they can use of that intelligence area of effect. I have been using molten strike (who is very good with the Kaom's Heart) and being able to soak out some very learge amount of DPS. At level 35, I have reached the 10k DPS mark. Currently, I am at lvl 68, and I am doing near 30K DPS without charges or flasks.
The best set-up for flask is 2 health potion, with two resistance flask (I would like to suggest Taste of Hate and Atziri's Promise since they give good DPS boost) and a quicksilver flask with anti-blood mod on it. Try always having a granite flask, a topaz flask and ruby flask also equipped in your inventory.
Astramentis Onyx Amulet ( +(10 to 20) to all Attributes +(80 to 100) to all Attributes
−4 Physical Damage taken from Attacks) is a considerable choice here in this build since it can give up to 120 STR but the only problem is this is very expensive (around 5 exalted for a +100 attributes so if you can actually manage to get this amulet, I recommend to change Meginord's Vise for a rare gloves with some flat physical damage, more elemental resistance and more hp. This will assure you more DPS than the first option and more armour but as I said, this is expensive.

Leveling Guide

This build have 3 phase : the early game, mid game and late game.
In the early game (pre level 40), I recommend using some 2H or 1H sword (or even a bow) to level up as fast as possible since we won't be able to use pillar before level 35.
This is the sword I was using to level up but many option is good such as flame totem. Upon hitting level 35, using Meginord's Vise will give us the big amount of DPS we will need for our build. This is when using Pillar of Caged God very good. From level 35 to level 70, I have been using almost the same gear (without even dying once in the story). Malachai Normal is just a joke since you just out DPS him to death. Even in cruel, you will do the same till you go to merciless. When hitting merciless, this is where this build becomes more squishy. Since you havent been really updating your gear, your elemental resistance will be pretty low. This is when you should get elemental resistance in flasks/rings/amulets/jewels. We are also taking the endurances charges near level 60.


This is the list of viable auras :

-Hatred (50% mana reserved)
Hatred gives us around 35% of our physical damage in bonus cold damage. This is the best DPS aura for the Pillar of the Caged God so using it is highly recommended for this build. (Hatred currently gives me around 5K more dps without the flasks)

-Herald of Ash (25% mana reserved)
Same thing as Hatred but gives us 15% of our physical damage in bonus fire damage. This is a good bonus DPS aura, specially when combined with Kaom's Heart but doesn't gives us the best DPS boost.

-Haste (50% mana reserved)
Haste gives us more cast speed (useless), more attack speed and movement speed. The bonus attack speed is pretty sweet but compared to what hatred gives us, this is not the best option to go for.

-Determination (50% mana reserved)
People underestimate the power of determination but this aura... is just hella OP! 32% to 51% more armour with no quality so with all the armour nodes and things we can get with our gear, this gives us a neat survivability.

-Purities (35% mana reserved)
Very good auras when you need that bonus elemental resistance. You going in atziri? Run purity of fire! You going in Mao Kun uniques map? Get purity of Lighning! You facing Merveil? Purity of Ice is there for you! Always good to keep them in your inventory, they are precious.

What do I take?
For white/magic/rare mobs, I am running Hatred and Herald of Ash since I can kill them before they hurt me.
While facing bosses, I run either Determination or a purity depending on who I face (and if I am running vs. a phys boss I put a blood magic gem in my links)

There are many viable curses such as enfeeble, temporal chain, punishment but this actually depends on your play style and your build. If you are doing a fire build, I recommend using either any defensive curse or Flammability. If you using Ice crash, using a frostbite or any defensive curse will help you.
Visit this website and use the best curse adapted to you!

Flame Golem or Chaos golem? Both are good to use. More dps = flame golem. More tankyness = chaos golem. Take the one that suit you

Charges/Bandits/Skill tree

This build lacks of tankyness so we really need to rack up the endurances charges. Power charges are useless since in this build, we will be running 100% accuracy but no crit node. So any Aliara bonus is just crappy.

Oak +40 hp is just hard to jump over it. Take it please, it really helps you.

Kraityn bonus attack speed is nice but this is not what will massive boost your dps and Oak 16% more phys. damage is just bad since you can get a bonus point, get 10 STR so +16% more phys, +2% more phys with the mod and +5 hp. Kill all bandits

Oak endurance charge for more tankyness and if you feel you dont need to take it, you can take Kraityn bonus frenzy charge who will give you 4k to 6k more dps at lvl 80. Recommand Oak but Kraityn still very good choice.

For gaining charges, I use Enduring cri )for endurance and Blood rage for frenzy charge. In our skill tree we are still able to gain hp even with blood rage activated.


Skill set-up
This is the part where you decide. This is the list of the best gems viable :
Molten Strike + MultiStrike + Added Phys damage + Added Fire damage + 5L- added elemental damage + 6L- fortify. You can also add fire penetration
Cyclone + Fortify + Added Fire damage + added physical damage + 5L- faster attacks, 6L - elemental damage
Ice Crash + added fire damage + added physical damage + added elemental damage + 5L fortify + 6L faster attacks
Infernal Blow + Multistrike + Melee Splash + added fire damage + 5L- added phys damage + 6L- elemental damage
Sweep + Multistrike + added fire damage + added phys damage + 5L- elemental damage + 6L faster attacks

There is many more gems you can use (its just too long to name them all) but the most important ones are : Added Physical Damage, Added Fire Damage, Added Elemental Damage, Multistrike, Blood Magic, Faster Attacks and Fortify.

Cast When damage taken + molten shell + inc. duration + immortal call gives us some good immunity to physical damage when we gain our endurances charges.

Jewels are very important also in this build since we get exaclty 6 jewel slot from our skill tree. For the jewels mods, we will need to look for the following:

-Bonus Strength
-Bonus Attack speed
-Bonus Damage with staves/staff
-Bonus area damage (if using AoE spells)
-Bonus Fire damage (if using fire skills)
-Bonus %Life
-Bonus life leech

Videos and screenshots

This is my DPS with Molten Strike at level 68

With only auras

With Auras and 4 Frenzy Charges

With Auras, 4 Frenzy Charges and Atziri's Promise

Donations and Tips

I am not taking any in real life donations but any in game currency donations will be appreciate! Also if you have suggestions about WTF builds or you have questions on this build or tips to make better guides, just send me a message!

Don't forget to share this page and to comment this build and hopefully, more people will use the WTG is Pillar of the Caged God build!

Comment Read-Up section

The fact that getting more endurance charges will give us more tankyness with our build (since we are getting around 7 in our build) this means we get +28% less damage. We are not getting any leech in our build (even if its viable) since we can either use flasks or just get it with our jewels. I will send out more photos and videos about this build and even do maps 75+ when I reach this level. As mentioned,in my gem set-up. the are many possibilities for gems such as ground slam.
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The staff says "increased" physical damage, which isn't more than facebreakers because facebreakers is % "more" damage unless i'm getting confused about the two.

Groundslam ?

Astramentis ?

Abyssus ? (mandatory)

Your build grants you around 800 STR, but (even if you're at 34 pts left) 132% life. 170%+ with Belly ? This is close to be squishy. I think you'll get destroyed at 71+ maps because you have few armor and no leech.

EDIT : you changed your tree

I'd like to know your DPS, a potCG build must always show his DPS, cause it's very difficult to know :)

I've done a tree too that I plan to do. I personally don't like endurance charges as potCG.


Note that I start as Marauder and spent some points in ele resist and auras to put a purity of lightning because I couldn't cap it.

My gear should be : PotCG, Meginord's Vise/Girdle, Abyssus, Belly, High res Greaves, high res+flat phys Rings and Astramentis//High phys Amulet (will make tests for both).

Imo Abyssus is absolutely mandatory for any PotCG/FB builds.

Anyway gj for your build. I'd like to see your DPS :)
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can you re-link the tree. I can't copy paste the way it is. Thanks
Lightning coil will cut down on the squish factor as that tends to marry well with abyssus.
Nice build man!
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