[ 2.0 ] Dual Wand CoC Barrage Ranger

Credit to polo2005 for the base version of this build. This is tweaked for additional survive-ability, mana management and long-range DPS.

Skills, Gear, Passives & Gameplay video *no sound*

Estimated 35,000 DPS


Huge damage to single targets as well as large groups.
Close combat or ranged, both work.
Constant flask charges.
Very fun to play.
You can swap many different skills in place of Ice Spear / Arctic Breath.
Can run No Life / No Mana regen maps.
At level 83, I have NO problem running 78 yellow maps (without reflect mod).


Can't run ele reflect maps.
1 click build
Lags screen for slower computers.

Gear + Gems

Core Gear
Tabula is best for casual gamers like myself, who spend less than 20 hours a week gaming.
For wands, you want a fast attack speed, 10% or higher crit chance, and spell damage. Anything else is a bonus!

Other Gear
Just make sure to have maxed res and as much life as possible. Evasion gear works wonders with our flasks!


Additional Detail

Total, I've spent about 1.5 EX on all of my gear combined. I believe this is very cheap for a character running lvl 78 maps.

5 Power charges gives you an additional 25% crit chance! This is HUGE.

Endurance charges from your Curse on Hit heralds give a little survive-ability boost.

Totem with Elemental Weakness is nice for bosses / ele resist rares.

Pop that Jade flask! It refills quick enough to almost have it up permanently.
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Just curious, what's your theoretical dps? With the removal of shogunning I don't see the point of GMP. Damage is also pretty low now for me.
I get 5,500 (combined with 2 spells) tooltip damage per "hit". With GMP Barrage crits, my spells are cast an average of 4 times per second, which comes out to 22,000 (not including spell crit chance)

With spell crits included, I've estimated about 35,000 DPS.

With GMP effects on barrage, adding more projectiles... since CoC fires every time I land a crit... more barrage projectiles = more CoC casts, especially when their are large packs of monsters.

I would be very interested to know if my assumptions here are off :)
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That is interesting because I am getting nowhere near that on single targets. I am not sure if your calculation is correct or not. From my tooltip my damage per hit per spell is only around 1.3k when I have +118% inc spell damage on wands, so in total only 2.6k. The only thing I can see is my gems are only level 17 and yours is 19. Our skill trees are quite similar. You can have a look at my standard character Grimlock_Prime. I'm really scratching my head here.

I have played this build (exact same 6L, sometimes I change Arctic Breath with Arc) since 1.3 and when 2.0 came around I just blindly updated my character to the same tree. What I didn't realise was they removed projectile shotgun.

So basically around the same insane DPS for mobs, but very low dps for single target rares. Last night I tried Merc Act 4 and even the rare golems in Mines would take me about 10 seconds to kill. Merc Dom is now super painful. I think shotgun removal has greatly reduced the effectiveness of the build for single target and I'm even planning to change the skills to Barrage-CoC-Ethereal Knives.

I would really like to know how you are dealing with bosses, since you have IS and AB both on GMP but they will each only hit the boss once per crit trigger, but with gimped damage from GMP.
Check my video on youtube *linked in o.p.*

The only significant difference I notice is you have no attack speed on your gloves. Do you use similar jewels that i'm using, in your tree?

Here is a screenshot of my 3 main skills, maybe this will help. My "damage per use" is with both heralds ON and with Ice Golem active.

The "damage per use" is significantly higher when i have my 5 power charges active... which is 90% of the time. Without the 5 power charges, without auras and without golem, im at 4k combined damage per use.


Of all my builds (EK, RF, Arc, Lightning Strike, Coc) this CoC build does the most damage to bosses
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I tried tinker a bit more last night and it's still not getting to that level of dps. Attack speed doesnt affect the damage per cast, and your jewels shouldnt improve it by that much. I've tried barrage - coc - pcoc - ek - added fire - projectile speed with hatred aura last night and seems to have the same dps.

Have you played this build pre 2.0? How does it compare with the old build?
This is actually my first CoC build, my 6th long-term build. The level of your 2 main skill gems will make a big difference... could you upload a couple screenshots of your passive tree?
i played this build 1.3 and 2.0, currently on 2.0 with wand/sheild setup, im doing more dmg then i did on 1.3, break down....

with full buffs 6 power charge 3 frenzy, blood rage, all 3 heralds, ice golem

my fireball is 3200, artic breath 3400 barrage 425

im 95% crit 88 acc 2.75 aps

using tabula, with barrage, coc, gmp, pwr chr on crit, fireball, artic breath

so if you do the math.


7025x5 projectiles 35125 then 2.75 aps thats 96,593 dps

if im wrong then correct me

im using crap gear aswell maybe 20 chaos worth + tabula.
@Warspade, Your maths is right, but some of your assumptions are incorrect. CoC has a percentage to cast on crit, so you can't say every attack you do trigger the spells linked. If you want a realistic average, you should multiple your final dps by percentage on your CoC gem, lets say 0.7 at lvl 20. Your accuracy is 0.88 so multiple by that as well. So assuming your base number is correctly based on damage per cast,

7025 x 0.88 x 0.7 = 4327

4327 x 6 (assuming all 6 barrage hits and a crit is rolled) = 25962

25962 x 2.75 = 71395 per single target.

Against multiple targets you can multiple by 5 from GMP, but in reality the projectile goes everywhere so dont even bother to do the maths. Mobs arent a problem for this build anyway.

And it wil be pretty hard for all your 6 barrage hits to hit a sinle target due to the way its not always straight, so I would estimate probably half hits, again depending on your distance to the target and target size. And i wont be standing any closer than i have to with a boss due to the squishiness of this build. In 1.3 i will try to stand as close as I can to a boss to trigger the shotgun effect, and in effect increase my barrage hits. Now there's really not much advantage standing close to the boss.

So you might have seen a increase in tooltip dps, but actually the build would have only 20% of the originally dps against single target due to removal of shorgunning.
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why is your barrage level 19 ?? doesnt that increase the cost of your skill ? or is there another reason you leveled it ?

why the gale creed socket location ? wouldnt it be better to go in the scion start for 12% spell damage + jewel location ?

why did you pick radius aura node ? you want to go in the charisma cluster ?

can i buy that oblivion jewel ? :)
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