Is Freezing Pulse Viable 2.0?

I am looking to use Freezing pulse but from what ive seen no one really uses it anymore. Is there any builds that will use it in 2.0 as a main skill?
If by "viable" you mean to ask "is it able to do the current content in the beta," then yes. Of course it is.

If by "viable" you mean to ask "is it really strong and able to be built around effectively," then absolutely yes.

Freezing Pulse's buff in beta is massive, and it's a very very easy spell to make worth your while now. More than likely you aren't seeing many Pulsers because there's so much else to mess with in beta, and Freezing Pulse was never too popular to begin with. However, with the base damage at level 20 going from 255-382 to 572-858 to make up for the loss of shotgunning, as well as an increase in damage effectiveness from 100% to 125%, Freezing Pulse deals an assload of damage at all levels in the game.

It demands to be built as crit in my opinion, and it's much much nicer to have a quality gem for obvious reasons, but don't let that stop you. It's easily one of the most reliable spells in the game now.

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