[2.0 Build] Marauder Zealadin

Hey All,

I've been thinking about a build for a while and am up for some suggestions. The goal of the build is to recreate the nostalgia of the diablo 2 Zeal paladin, who uses a shield and one hand weapon to cut down his foes.

I am unsure if I should go Blood Magic or use mana for two heralds, an offensive aura, and still be able to use mana to attack and leap around (might go Whirling Blades).

I used the "Path of Exile - Passive Skill Tree Planner" app to create the build and would appreciate any constructive feedback, what's the build lacking in or too inefficient/redundant? With the fairly defensive skill tree, I'm relying on auras and buffs to make up the difference in damage but with the goal of having Onslaught up often I don't think it's an awful idea. I've tried to choose +phys damage over attack speed with Onslaught in mind but unsure of what the dps output would be.

Marauder - "Paladin Skill tree": http://poeurl.com/zpI6peW

Bringer of Rain helm

Aegis Aurora or Lioneye's Remorse

Jewelry: -Optional
-The anvil amulet
-Death Rush amethyst ring

Possible weapon choices:
Ichimonji one hand sword
Relentless Fury <-- probably this

Bringer: double strike + Multistrike + meleesplash (or lifeleech) + Blood Magic
Reckoning + ((lifeleech?) or (enduring charge on melee stun (+ stun)))
Leap Slam + faster attacks + fortify (+ enduring charge on melee stun/Blood Magic)

Curses/self-cast buffs:
cast on dmg taken + blood rage + enfeeble
herald of fire (+ Herald of ice?)
self cast Enduring Cry & Immortal Call + Increased Duration

Anger (+/- hatred) // or other aura (haste?)
Could u up a video pls?

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