[2.0, HC, Budget] Flame surge automated tank mage :)

Work in progress...

Hey guys, I am having so much fun with this build I want to share it and see what you think. This is the first guide I'm writing. Also English isn't my first language so be nice ;)

I am currently lvl 50 on HC in the beta so I have no clue yet how maps etc will play. But I will update this once I get there... Also, feedback would be much appreciated. I'm sure there are things that could be optimized...
So, basically, this might turn into a real guide or it might turn out that the build isn't good enough at high levels ;)
For right now, I can totally recommend this as a fun and a bit different leveling build in the beta. From there, we'll see how it goes :)

Reasons for this build:

Just for fun, I asked a friend "What shall I use as a main spell for my next build" and he answered "Flame surge". I wanted to use some new stuff I've never used before like Innervate and see if it works out. So this is what I came up with...
I'm sure there are more efficient builds out there, with higher clear speed etc.
BUT I'm playing this self-found on beta HC and it feels really strong (and I've leveled quite a few builds)

Pros & Cons: (keep in mind, my experience is only up to lvl 50 so far:

- Pretty tanky: Lots of life, lots of armour, 6 endurance charges, immortal call
- High automation. Shock and curse everything automatically. In a couple more levels, burn should go off more often automatically too...
Once I get to additional curse this will almost be a 1 button character. But with still a lot going on!
- Blood magic. Screw caring about mana
- Onslaught buff almost all the time
- very easy and cheap to gear
- easy to play
- vaal molten shell is hilarious

- While the damage is very decent, I have played chars that have higher clear speed, especially vs. groups (if vaal molten shell isn't ready)
- Some stuff can be annoying till about 45: Against rares etc. you sometimes need to cast enduring cry, throw a fire trap and curse before you actually start doing damage. This DOES get better though


I have a reverberation rod (which isn't that hard to come by) with:

Flame surge + added lightning + Innervate.
Not sure yet what I will use once I get a 5L

Cwdt (Lvl 1) + Molten Shell (Lvl 10) + Chance to Ignite
This is to get Burns off automatically. I will probably have to level it though so the damage is high enough for higher level mobs

HoT + Curse on Hit + Elemental Weakness
I have about 30% Chance to shock with Flame Surge, so HoT is almost always up, cursing enemies and dealing quite decent damage. Since a significant amount of my total damage is lightning and my Flame Surge can't burn anyway, I prefer Elemental Weakness over Flammability.
Once I get an additional curse, I will use Warlords Mark (and switch to Enfeeble vs hard bosses)

Cwdt + Immortal Call

Other gems you need:
- Enduring Cry
- Flammability (vs. bosses without adds so you can curse)
- Fire Trap (for Burning, lvl 1 is enough, you don't have Dext anyway)
- Chaos Golem (Stacks nicely with your armour)
- Vall Molten Shell (Almost feels overpowered. Your burst damage with this is pretty incredible)


Me at lvl 50:

Finished build as planned right now:
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